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Adventure Related Talk & Chat / Re: OROW anyone?
« on: 30 May 2010, 23:30 »
Hm fits well for me too, not the best time but not bad either.

Adventure Related Talk & Chat / Re: OROW anyone?
« on: 30 May 2010, 04:30 »
I'm game, as long as it is soon.

Soon, but not next week as my final exams are at that time and I'd hardly have time to do anything.

Adventure Related Talk & Chat / Re: OROW anyone?
« on: 30 May 2010, 00:14 »
I'm game. I haven't released anything and I've been here for 4 years so it's about bloody time I make something.

Hm, if they mate, what color do you think the offspring would be?  :=

Very quick, very unfinished:

Can't draw long hair. :(

Yeah I forgot to decide the 2nd and 3rd place, whopps!

Bah it's a tie, you both get both trophies. :)

Go for it.  :P

Well at least we got some entries in! Great work everyone, but I'm going to have to give it to Xellie, made me laugh quite a bit. :)

I feel the same way man, a BUNCH of unfinished projects. The problem with me is I get an awesome idea that I just can't develop into something a few hours long(a great premise which would work as a short game but I want to make medium to long sized games). Also I start by making a whole lot of characters which I never bother to animate other than the playable character.
I think my main problem is focusing more on the plot and the story than the graphics/code.

General Discussion / Re: rpg & OSD
« on: 21 May 2010, 08:03 »
What the hell is going on in this thread? :O

Seriously, noone?

Liked Mark Borg's entry the most, take it away Mark!

Alright guys 1 day left, any last minute entries perhaps?

Ah thanks Pablo, yeah I was looking through the site before and didn't find anything. I also found the old website that's hosted by Tripod but there are no animation tutorials there. Too bad he took them down though.

EDIT: Oh shit: Seems they haven't been taken down! ;D

General Discussion / Looking or a very specific tutorial
« on: 14 May 2010, 12:11 »
Didn't know where to post it so I'll just write here:

I'm looking for an animation tutorial, the animated sprite was some random guy(I think he had a tanktop on) and the animation was him pulling some metal bar out of his forehead. I'm not exactly sure where I got the link but I'm pretty certain it was from these forums. The reason I'm looking for it is it had a kickass swift arm animation(fast movement is blurred).

Anyone have any idea what I'm talking about or would be able to provide a link?  :)

Love the entries so far. Cmon guys, 6 days left!  :=

This is Kevin:

He's a nerd. I want to see him do nerdy stuff. Go.

- Your animation must follow the theme above.
- No size, colour or frame limits.
- You may modify and animate the supplied sprite or draw and animate your own sprite.
- All entries must be posted in this thread by the 24th of May.
- The host of the competition will judge the winner.

The topic is quite broad + some of you might identify with him. :P

Bonus points for bgs, fluency and humor.

You're still reading this? GO!

Looks great!  :)

Critics' Lounge / Re: Character Concept: Space Punk
« on: 06 May 2010, 17:45 »
The problem is not the shading, the problem is with the general shape of his body:

Arms tend to be longer than the torso and they would I feel he'd have bulkier arms with more muscle. I've also added gloves, as he's supposed to be some sort of trashmen, and the gloves suit him. :P

I think your color scheme is a bit dull, with washed out colors. A black jacket instead of a grey one with blue pants would look far better. There are other color combinations aswell though.

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