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Adventure Related Talk & Chat / AGS-made games length
« on: 02 Apr 2013, 15:21 »
I've searched the forums and looked in various FAQs but couldn't find anything. How do you determine game length in AGS database? How many gameplay hours make a game "short" or "medium". Is this even fixed?

AGS Games in Production / [ RELEASED ] THE BUM
« on: 07 Dec 2012, 18:00 »

Hello fellow adventurers!

I'm happy to announce my first game, working title THE BUM, which is finally near completion. I started the project over 6 years ago (yep!) but as my graphics skills were pretty poor (and, quite frankly, still are...) it was rather stagnant for most of the time. Fortunately talented background/sprite/animation artist came onboard about a year ago and things sped up.

The game tells a story of a homeless man who communicates with the world using an old sock on his right hand. He's a huge football fan and plays it a lot near his backalley. One day he gets mugged by a wandering bully and looses his precious ball in the process. Now he must pull himself together, team up with a local superhero, find a new ball and confront his oppressor again.

Here are some screenshots:

Story 100%
Puzzles 100%
Scripting 90%
Graphics 95%
Sound 60%

Let us know guys what you think. We highly value your opinion.





Scripting basics, animations, sounds, music, variables I have pretty much figured out by now, but GUI scripting and pretty much code at the beginning of the GlobalScript are still a mystery to me. I'm afriad to fiddle with it to this day:) And I believe my next problem applies to this area of the game. Here's the deal: I have a inventory window constantly displayed on the bottem of the screen. I have default cursor modes like Walk, Look, Interact etc. When I move the cursor over the inventory window, RIGHT BUTTON clicks start to serve as LOOK AT function instead of cycling through mouse modes. How do I change this? I want the player to be able to change mouse modes over inventory window (and select eye cursor manually) just like in any part of the screen. I do not want to use right click for looking at all. Now, I tried to apply this:

Code: Adventure Game Studio
  1.  if (button == eMouseRight || button == eMouseWheelSouth){
  2.     mouse.SelectNextMode();
  3.     }

I put this into the "function show_inventory_window" in GlobalScript but with no luck. I keep getting "undefined symbol 'button'" message.
I still do not understand functions so I once again need your help guys...


I want to make a title screen for my game. I have all game rooms already created. I added additional room - number 1. It is a simple png file with a title and three signs below it: PLAY, LOAD and QUIT. I made hotspots out of them. I hid the character in this room and my game has a inventory panel at the bottom. Here's code for the room:

Code: Adventure Game Studio
  1. function hQUIT_AnyClick()
  2. {
  3. QuitGame(1);
  4. }
  6. function hLOAD_AnyClick()
  7. {
  8. //show_restore_game_dialog();
  9. }
  11. function room_Load()
  12. {
  13. gInventory.Visible = false;
  14. gIconbar.Visible = false;
  15. }
  17. function hPLAY_AnyClick()
  18. {
  19. player.ChangeRoom(3, 121, 120);
  20. player.FaceLocation(283,  92);
  21. gInventory.Visible = true;
  22. gIconbar.Visible = true;
  23. }

I have two problems here. First, LOAD hotspot. I entered the code from the button found in the default iconbar but I keep getting message: undefined token show_restore_game_dialog. I don't know why. If I keep iconbar visible, LOAD button in it works fine, and it has the same code.
Second problem is - while on this main title screen I still have the option to cycle through cursor modes: see, talk, interact etc. but I want it to be just cursor arrow, exactly as you have when you move cursor over iconbar when visible.

What do I do? Beside RTFM, which I already did:)

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Here's my problem. I wan't the player to say something for one specific inv item, something else for the second, and one general sentence for all other inv items.

My code so far:

Code: Adventure Game Studio
  1. function oBRANCH_UseInv()
  2. {
  3. if (player.ActiveInventory == iHANDSAW) {
  4.       player.Say("You'd have to use your stonger hand.");
  5. }
  6. if (player.ActiveInventory == iHANDSAWRAG) {
  7.       player.Say("Well, alright.");
  8.       player.Walk(123,  108, eBlock);
  9.       object[0].Visible=false;
  10.       player.AddInventory(iBRANCH);
  11.     }
  13. else {
  14.   player.Say("I can't cut it with this.");
  15. }
  16. }

Currently "I can't cut it with this" is displayed as I wanted - when items other than those two specified are used, but it is also displayed after the sentence of the first item. What am I doing wrong?

Hi all!

I have a long horizontal room, scrolling sideways (640x200), with walkable area from one end to the other. However, there is a door approx. in the middle. What should I do to make player stop in front of the door if its locked, and continue walking when its open? I want the player to unlock the door,  open it, walk past it, and continue further into the scrolling room. I know that it would be much simpler with two separate rooms just connected with the door but it must be this way. How can I do this? Using regions somehow? Any ideas?


Here's what I intend to do: character1 (player) wants to interact with an object on screen. When he does other character2 tells him not to. Character1 uses inventory object on character2. Then he is able to interact with object.

How do I do this? Variables?

I figured out how to do something similiar when character1 clicks on object / inv item:

function iNOTEBOOK_Look()
if (Notebook_Variable == 0)  {
  player.Say("It must be that kid's notebook.");
if (Notebook_Variable == 1)  {
  player.Say("There are nice pictures of dragons and knights in it.");
if (Notebook_Variable == 2) {
  player.Say("He must have been crazy about fantasy.");
  player.Say("There are fantasy drawings on almost every page.");
  player.SpeechView = 7;
  player.Say("Hey! What's this?");
  player.SpeechView = 4;
  player.Say("It's some kind of collectible card.");

But how do I do those "conditionals" when using inventory items?

Thanks in advance for any suggestions

Here's the deal. I have a hotspot and I want the player to say various things depending which item he uses on that hotspot.


function hDRAIN_PIPE_UseInv()
player.ActiveInventory = iNOTEBOOK;
player.Say("Why would I want to stick it in there?");

player.ActiveInventory = iHANDSAW;
player.Say("Why would I want to stick it in there?");

player.ActiveInventory = iSHIRT;
player.Say("Why would I want to stick it in there?");

player.ActiveInventory = iBUCKET;
player.Say("I can't.");
player.Say("The drain pipe is dry.");


Now the error I'm getting is this that the player doesn't have one of the items, and the game crashes. But he may have that item later on in the game and use it then. What can I do to make player say various things with using many different items? For example: a hotspot on which player can use every single item which will be available in the game.


I want to play a short mp3 file during the game. Exemplary code:

function hHotspot1_Look()
player.FaceLocation(130, 100);
player.Say("Home sweet home.");

the background music (midi) stops but nothing happens. I tried to place that mp3 file (thebest_64kbs.mp3) both within music folder of the game and main folder. What am I doing wrong?

And one more thing. After the mp3 file stops playing will the background music turn back on? Because I want that mp3 file to be short, just a few seconds.

How to script within a dialog? For example: change character speech animation (view) during a dialog. Or how to get an item by chosing specific dialog topic? I know the commands for that actions (ChangeView, AddInventory) but just don't know how to incorporate them into dialog itself. Please do not write RTFM cause I already did...:-)

Hi all

I'm using 320x150 locations with the inventory at the bottom (modified and resized default GUI with the option "always visible") but when a dialog starts it covers that inv gui. What can I do to hide the inv gui when the dialog starts?
My code doesn't work:

function cMarv_Talk()
gInventory.Visible = false; 
gInventory.Visible = true;

any suggestions?

I have a following problem with walk-behinds. I have a location where first walk-behind is at the bottom of the screen (some rocks etc.) and I set the baseline at the lowest point of the walk-behind area, according to the turorial. But I also have other walk-behinds, hanging from above (which cover only the head of the hero) and those won't work, no matter where I put the baseline the hero is not covered. What am I doing wrong with baselines?


Does anyone tried to built up a GUI using Ghost's tutorial?
Here's the link: http://www.freewebs.com/daemons-in-the-attic/codefront.htm
I've been struggling with it for some time now and can't get it up and running. Tutorial is very nicely written but still my scripting skills seem to be let's say inadequate:)

Q1: Where can I enter coordinates for sticky mode description? I want the description text to be displayed at the bottom of the screen.

Q2: I'm using default AGS gui. When I open inventory screen and move cursor over an item the description text is displayed "behind" the inventory gui. What should I do to display it on it. Or maybe what should I do to hide inv gui when looking on a inventory item, then character says some text about it and inv gui shows up again. That would be great solution cause now character's text about an item (when looking at it in inv gui) is displayed on the right side of the screen (even if character is standing on the left side).

Now before RTFM-kinda-answers start showing up... I read it ok, and I don't get it that much to find the solution on my own:-)


I need help with Scrolling Dialog 2.0 by monkey_05_06. I was previously using ver 1.21 and I new how to handle it, but with 2.0 I even don't know how to start dialog in game script. Everything's changed.

it now looks like this:

static void ScrollingDialog_SetupType::InitializeText() {
  // set up your dialog text here!
  ScrollingDialog.SetOption("new topic", 0, "this is some text");

void ScrollingDialogType::RunInteraction(String topic, int option) {
  if (this.GetSay(topic, option)) player.Say(this.GetText(topic, option));
  // set up your dialog interactions here!
  if (topic == "new topic") {

Can someone provide short demo code on some default dialog?
What commands use? And how to start dialog in game using plugin's commands?
It's essential to me to use lucas-arts-style dialog cause it's integral part of monkey's GUI template. Please can someone help?
PS And yes I've read the manual. And I still can't quite figure it out...

Beginners' Technical Questions / inventory problem
« on: 08 Jun 2007, 12:38 »
I'm totally fresh with scripting here so don't laugh me off. I want and inventory item (1) to contain another item(2) so when a player looks item1 (in any room in the game) he will say that he found something in it and receive item2. When he will look again he will say that there's nothing more in it. Here's my code:

// script for Inventory item 5 (shirt): Look at inventory item
  if (key_in_shirt == 0) {
player.Say("Yuuck I hate green color.");
player.Say("Hey there's something in a pocket.");
player.Say("It's a key!");

if (key_in_shirt == 1) {
  player.Say("There's nothing more in a pocket.");

I also put this in Global Script:

int key_in_shirt;
export key_in_shirt;

With the above code Player gets intem2 every time he looks at item1. What should I change to make him say that there's nothing more and not to receive item2 any more.
Big Thanks in advance to any response!

I'm working on a game and I'm using MonkeyTemplate 0.83 by monkey_05_06.
I'm new to scripting and all so be gentle:) I know how to script AGS dialogue (learned from tutorial)but when I script dialogue using that template it's displayed over GUI (give, use, pick up etc.). Hiding GUI didn't help because gui.visible is not blocking:

gui[0].visible = false;
gui[0].visible = true;

and even if it did it wasn't MI-themed but AGS so it's no good.
I know that it has to be set up independently but I can't figure it out how.
Here is the question: how to write dialog script using monkey template so it will be displayed in monkey dialog GUI? Meybe someone could provide a sript sample of such dialogue?


I have a problem. When I put object in a room and get the player to pick it up object is removed from room no matter where the character is standing. I want him to first go to the object and THEN pick it up (maybe add bending animation too). So here's the question: how can I do it?
I tried various scripts. None worked.

thanks in advance for any help

Hi all,

Im new to scripting and started to work on a game. Here's the thing. There's a hotspot in my room. When character is interacting with it he receives an item (then he uses it somewhere else and gets rid of it). When he gets back to the hotspot he can get the item again (and again and again). Now my question is how to do it so he would be able to get just once? I've used command "interact with hotspot" --> "add inv item".

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