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I'm working on a game and I'm using MonkeyTemplate 0.83 by monkey_05_06.
I'm new to scripting and all so be gentle:) I know how to script AGS dialogue (learned from tutorial)but when I script dialogue using that template it's displayed over GUI (give, use, pick up etc.). Hiding GUI didn't help because gui.visible is not blocking:

gui[0].visible = false;
gui[0].visible = true;

and even if it did it wasn't MI-themed but AGS so it's no good.
I know that it has to be set up independently but I can't figure it out how.
Here is the question: how to write dialog script using monkey template so it will be displayed in monkey dialog GUI? Meybe someone could provide a sript sample of such dialogue?

Hi! Well I tried the gui=false thing earlier but it doesnt work since its not blocking and the gui is still visible behind the dialog. I used:

gui[0].visible = false;
gui[0].visible = true;

Well I checked the manual as you suggested earlier but... what can I say, it's little too 'tech' for me and I can't quite figure it out on my own. I know programing and scripting is not fo everyone but I'm dsperate to learn it cause making an adventure game LucasArts-style was and is my childhood dream:) Do you have a demo with a script too look on, just with some test dialog script (using ur ScrollingDialog module commands)? Or a script-fragment itself?
Demo Quest from AGS Site helped me a lot (in example in making cutscenes) but the dialogs are made enirely different there (AGS style). I have your template demo and its great, but unfortunately it has no dialogs:(
You said that in your template dialog has to be set up entirely independently. Where should I store my 'dialog code' then if not in Dialogs section of AGS? BTW thank you for your quick reply and for helping me out

Hi! I can't figure out how to use MI2 dialog gui included in thic GUI. Whet I run dialog in my game the old ags default dialog turns on (and you can see use/give/push etc. panel behind it). The question is how to start dialogs in mi2 gui in this?

thanks. that worked just fine:)

I'm not exactly sure what you mean. Should I use hotspot for that? I know there is 'walk point' but its for hotspots not for objects.


I have a problem. When I put object in a room and get the player to pick it up object is removed from room no matter where the character is standing. I want him to first go to the object and THEN pick it up (maybe add bending animation too). So here's the question: how can I do it?
I tried various scripts. None worked.

thanks in advance for any help

Thanks largopredator! It worked just fine!

Hi all,

Im new to scripting and started to work on a game. Here's the thing. There's a hotspot in my room. When character is interacting with it he receives an item (then he uses it somewhere else and gets rid of it). When he gets back to the hotspot he can get the item again (and again and again). Now my question is how to do it so he would be able to get just once? I've used command "interact with hotspot" --> "add inv item".

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