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Are you wanting help with trying to make it less linear or are you asking if it's okay to be so linear? The thing is that if you have a specific story to tell, then it will end up being pretty linear. Some things just can't make sense if you change the order. It comes down to what's most important to you.
I agree - especially when it comes to story telling, non-linearity might get in the way. If your aim is a good "flow" of the story, the aproach shown in the chart seems to be the right one.

Engine Development / Re: Let's build for Android!
« on: 08 Mar 2018, 12:15 »
Nice! Can I have a question that is slightly off-topic? (hopefully just slightly :) )
Android port of the engine currently doesn't report correctly mouse.isButtonDown, so your game CAN'T BE USING THIS, use if(System.OperatingSystem == eOSAndroid) in your code to work for this.
What exactly does it mean, that it's not reported correctly? I'm currently using the function in both my Android projects without a problem, have I missed something?

Critics' Lounge / Tech demo: turn-based RPG
« on: 09 Aug 2017, 21:16 »
Hi everyone!

I'm still working on my RPG and even though I can hardly find a few days each month, it's slowly moving somewhere. Today, I managed to get together a short playable demo which I wanted to send to one or two people. But the more players will try, the more feedback I can get! :)

Download link: https://www.dropbox.com/s/bb8ewqeyojikh3t/tech17_08_09.zip?dl=0

What is it?
Turn-based RPG designed to be played on smartphones. Yep, that's why the font as well as the buttons are so big.
It looks familiar...
It's a remake of my own game. This way, I want to prepare and test the system for my next project. It just takes a bit longer than expected. Those who didn't play the previous version can enjoy this one as a completely new game, those who did can compare the differences! :)
What's finished?
Well, nothing is finished for sure, but things that I consider to be close include interface, controls and the battle system. I especially look for critique of the battles: how does it feel, is it intuitive enough? Did you encounter any bugs or strange behavior? Is it fun?
And what's not finished?
Sounds, graphics - there is severe lack of animation, right now, only the walkcycle is finished. And the poor coyote got only side view for now! Some backgrounds are missing, but the first part of the story (to the quest of buying out a farm) should be playable with no problems.
I finished the demo, but I didn't get a chance to use most of the skills!
There are cheats in the journal, and after using them, you can teleport to room number 0 to get into a tougher fight. Feel free to experiment, tell me what's good about the game, what's bad and what's ugly!

Critics' Lounge / Re: Interior background lighting
« on: 07 Aug 2017, 16:34 »
My suggestion is to try to differentiate between the light beams and the surfaces hit by them. This is the closest example I could find:

From this 304's blog post, it's definitely worth checking: http://ben304.blogspot.cz/2017/03/windows-as-visual-tool.html
Also the green outline seems needless to me. What about using the lightest shade of blue for walls behind the light, or some transition between yellow and blue?
The composition seems great to me, the character fits perfectly!

I've just come across this and your music is great, I hope I find a place for it in my game. Thank you for providing it! :)

Thank you for the reply, fix and the whole TWEEN module! :)

Modules & Plugins / Re: MODULE: TWEEN 2! (2.0.2)
« on: 23 Nov 2016, 14:33 »
Hi, this is absolutely great module with endless count of useful applications! Hovewer, I have a problem with one type of tween, TweenViewport. For some reason, I can't get it to work as I need. This is the code:
Code: Adventure Game Studio
  1.      Display("Viewport: %d,%d", GetViewportX(), GetViewportY());
  2.      mc_x = character[i_start].x-System.ViewportWidth/2;
  3.      mc_y = character[i_start].y-System.ViewportHeight/2;
  4.      TweenViewport(20.0, mc_x, mc_y, eEaseOutSineTween, eBlockTween, 0.0, eTweenSpeed);
  5.      //SetViewport(mc_x, mc_y);
  6.      Display("Move x,y: %d,%d[Viewport: %d,%d", mc_x, mc_y, GetViewportX(), GetViewportY());
It should move the camera so that the character with ID i_start is in the centre of viewport. However, it moves the Viewport in completely different direction. In my test, ViewportX;Y is 680;320 at start, 60;60 at end. Variables mc_x;y are 480;60 - I don't see any simple way how to make a vector out of these variables.
This code runs exactly as it should be:
Code: Adventure Game Studio
  1.      Display("Viewport: %d,%d", GetViewportX(), GetViewportY());
  2.      SetViewport(mc_x, mc_y);
  3.      Display("Move x,y: %d,%d[Viewport: %d,%d", mc_x, mc_y, GetViewportX(), GetViewportY());
ViewportX;Y is 680;320 at start, 480;60 at end. Variables mc_x;y 480;60.

Critics' Lounge / Re: 8 frame walkcycle
« on: 19 Nov 2016, 23:26 »
Updated version of walkcycle for direction down:

The legs look paper thin because of the absence of shading, but that's just inevitable outcome because of the desired style, I guess. But the bending knee and leg raise should be easily visible now. :)

Critics' Lounge / Re: 8 frame walkcycle
« on: 17 Nov 2016, 20:09 »
I'm no animation expert, but I like it. I like the simple colours too.
Thank you, Retro Wolf! So maybe it's time to move forward with it and make the other views.

Critics' Lounge / Re: 8 frame walkcycle
« on: 17 Nov 2016, 19:11 »
I created new walkcycle for the right direction. I'm pretty happy about the outcome, but if you see any flaws, don't hesitate to tell me! :)

Critics' Lounge / Re: 8 frame walkcycle
« on: 13 Nov 2016, 15:41 »
You need to bend the knee a bit and the foot. As is looks like he's just dragging his feet around.
Also your bounce I can't quite get it, but seems bouncy to me, not smooth accompanying the walking.
Hmm, yes, but how to do it in this view? The only thing I can think of is using darker color for the bent leg to show it.
About the bounce: where exactly do you mean - the side loop, right? I can see it now.
Sure, reference pictures may tell you that your picture is accurate, but if it doesn't look right, you should fix it anyway. After all, when it comes down to animation, most actions have to look exaggerated.

Good luck with your game. Isometric is an incredibly difficult choice.
That's a good point! And one I tend to forget all the time. :) I really wanted to make the animation as civil as possible! Because in many games, the animation is right and still somehow off because of exaggeration, like runnig in Shadowrun or this famous walk cycle reference:

That's just something I don't want to end up with. I have to find a middle way, I guess.
Thank you for both of your comments and also for your encouragement, Danvazare. It's not easy, but I always wanted to make one. :)
Ok, I'll try to fix the down loop. What do you think about the side and isometric loop - is it okay, or should I make him raise the foot higher, too?

Critics' Lounge / 8 frame walkcycle
« on: 12 Nov 2016, 21:33 »
Hi, I'm working on an isometric 2D game and after lot of tries ranging from tracing existing animations on web to trying to make own 3D models, I decided to draw my own 8 frame animation.

The shadow isn't final, but I left it for now, in case the legs will be altered.

And so far, only skeleton walkcycle for isometric view:

I decided to start new thread and just post a link, because the first one is quite old. (Is it really almost two years since I started with it? Not enough spare time...)

There is no shading - it's time consuming and practicaly unvisible, the sprites are to be used in Android game. But of course, if you feel it's a major problem for the sprites and animation, tell me.
My main concern is the unwanted effect of dragging feet on the ground - but from reference pictures, videos and observations, this is the way people actually walk, with just a small foot raise. Or have I missed something?

^Yes, i have happened to have noticed how walking works. However i will get to that later, after i have fully modelled the unseen heart of the player character for added realism :)
Well, your animation doesn't show that. The character just swings his legs, both the same way without showing where the body's weight is. And that has nothing to do with personality of the protagonist.
You asked for critique, you get critique. :) I didn't mention room renders, because there's no improvement needed! Maybe that's what makes the stiff animation stand out, too.

If you really want to make your walkcycle look better, you should get rid of the gliding effect, at least a bit. Think about how people walk: you stand on one leg and move your body and the other leg forward, meaning the feet stays on ground and does not move. Now look at your character on screen. Try to think about how it actually works, don't just swing legs of the model back and forth.

After watching the walkcycle (runcylce? :) ) for a while, I feel his hips should propably move a bit, as everything else does. Other than that, it looks great! I propably wouldn't notice the lack of hip movement if I hadn't stared at it fascinated by the smoothness of the animation. :-)

Great game! And not just because everything involving sloths gets extra points from me: the puzzles were fun, and I enjoyed slow crawling through the beautifully drawn forest, two days had passed before I found out what to do. :)

People who believe in such conspirational theories often forget, that 100 affirmations and 1 negation of a statement means it is false. Therefore when you come up with a theory, you should start with thinking why it may be wrong, not why it may be right - exactly the opposite of what most of the conspirational theoretics do.

And the 9/11 conspiracies in general are ridicoulous.
The counter argument I usually make to people that insist nine-eleven was an inside job (or postulate some conspiracy) is the president can't get a blowjob without the world finding out about it.  You think something THAT massive (a cover-up of the murder of thousands of American citizens) would even remotely be possible?  I really just can't accept it.

And the always repeated doubt about suspicious fall of the skyscrapers... Well, I've never heard such thing from someone who would actually know something about statics. "It doesn't feel right" sums up most of the theories - like if we could know how a skyscraper usually falls down after being hit by a plane. Even on a normal day, there were thousand of different forces present affecting the structure.

Critics' Lounge / Re: Isometric walkcycle
« on: 31 Mar 2015, 09:46 »
I tried adding more shoulder movement into this one:

But I'm not sure if it isn't a little too much. Otherwise, this animation is far from complete, I think it still even has short arms, which I changed in the other animation.
The chest shading does move, but I can try adding a bit more.
I've been thinking about making my own 3D character and base the animation on it - I prefer working with 3D, so it seems silly to skip it in the animation process. The downside is that I'm as inexperienced in 2D as in 3D animation.
Thanks for your critique! I'm glad you like the style, and even more since I want my game (another one, post-apocalyptic, but with the same art style) have the great atmosphere your Pripyat Bridge of Death has!
Anyway, I won't be making much progress now, I have enough of sketching, drawing and modeling at university. :-)

Critics' Lounge / Re: Isometric walkcycle
« on: 11 Feb 2015, 19:11 »
Thanks, I'm glad you like the style, and your critque was very helpful - it's easy to stop seeing things like this when you work on a single sprite or view for a long time. ;)
This is version wih longer arms and different head bobbing.

When you say first loop, do you mean you are still to do more frames for the down animation? 5 frames for a walk cycle is rather odd. I would have thought it would be an even number? I think his right leg 'jumps' a bit when it goes forward as you need 1 more frame.

5 frames should be the final frame count. It's actually based on every second frame of 10 frame animation I used as one of the references. I wanted the lowest frame count possible, so if it isn't a major issue, I'll leave it as it is. Maybe it will require further tweaking of the head, because now, frame 2 has -1 pixel and frame 4 +1: that means change between every frame but 5->1.

Critics' Lounge / Isometric walkcycle
« on: 10 Feb 2015, 15:24 »
Hello everyone,

I’m currently working on a walking animation for my game and since I’m a complete newbie when it comes to drawing characters, I would really appreciate some critique. This is what I got so far, mostly thanks to a lot of reference pictures:

(this is a dummy, so the colour-pick is mostly random and unimportant, the shading and shape is what matters)

I started shading only the first loop, because I’m not sure especially about that.
I want to keep it as simple as possible, with just one darker shade for each colour - is it enough? I’m trying to find a balance between minimalistic, clean (such as in the Another World) and useful style fit for the isometric projection.
Background (WIP) with a character:

What do you think? Is the movement smooth enough? Is it too simple or does it work well with the style of the background?

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