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Hints & Tips / Re: Far Corners of the World
« on: 08 Oct 2011, 14:01 »
A comprehensive walkthrough for the game, including all bonus points, is now available at my site. Click HERE to go there directly. Enjoy!

Hints & Tips / Re: Far Corners of the World
« on: 03 Oct 2011, 15:23 »
None that I'm aware of, but I might write a walkthrough myself in the near future.

In the meantime you should find answers to the most common problems here in this thread, or you could just post a new question. :)

Hints & Tips / Re: Far Corners of the World
« on: 01 Oct 2011, 17:00 »
Congrats for making it that far!

To escape from the cave
Spoiler: ShowHide

use the roots on the loose stone in the door. This lets sunlight into the cave and allows you using the lenses!

Hints & Tips / Re: Far Corners of the World
« on: 28 Sep 2011, 17:33 »
I'm glad you are enjoying the game so far! It would be great if you rated it on the games page, once you finished it.

As for the problem in the tunnels:
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Remember the batteries you put in the GPS device earlier? You don't need that device anymore, so maybe you can reuse them in the flashlight!

Hints & Tips / Re: Far Corners of the World
« on: 27 Sep 2011, 15:22 »
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Open the photo album - the slip of paper can be found between its pages, near the bottom of the screen.

Hints & Tips / Re: Far Corners of the World
« on: 22 Sep 2011, 23:36 »
so how do i get into the cellar ?
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You were on the right track with the highscores - look at them closely.

If you need further help
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you can take a picture of the highscores with you mobile phone and show it to Tiffany - she'll solve the puzzle for you.

Hints & Tips / Re: Far Corners of the World
« on: 22 Sep 2011, 16:31 »
1) and 2) are connected,
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you need to enter the cellar of Club Morelle to get the item required for popping the balloons. This will in turn help you dealing with Tim.

Regarding 3).
Spoiler: ShowHide

Have you been at the museum's balcony after using the switch?

Grats for completing the game! How many points did you get? Maybe you can send me a PM with the bugs you've encountered, I plan to resolve them and upload v1.1 sometime soon.

Part 2 is in the works and progressing nicely, but there's still a lot to do!

Hints & Tips / Re: Far Corners of the World
« on: 13 Sep 2011, 19:35 »
@I am a loser:
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A dead end? Not if you reuse the plank!

Spoiler: ShowHide

Just take it after you've crossed the first canal and then use it on the OTHER canal on the right, leading back to the passage where you need to to go.

Ah, you found a bug! I'll fix that! :)

Thanks for your feedback! You shouldn't need to click on most of the exits, simply going there is enough. However, in some cases you need to first go farther into the room before you are allowed to leave. That's an annoying bug that will be resolved in the next version.

Yeah, development has taken quite some time, hasn't it? I learned the hard way that making an adventure game means lots and lots of work. But on the other hand, keep at something long enough, even if it's only a couple of hours a week, and it will be done eventually. :) Good to hear that the difficulty level of the puzzles works for you!

I hope both of you have fun with the rest of the game. Feel free to drop by and tell me what you thought afterwards, it's always good to hear other opinions. :)

Hints & Tips / Re: Far Corners of the World
« on: 13 Sep 2011, 18:51 »
Don't worry it shouldn't be a bug and you didn't miss an item.
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Yes, SWEN is the directions, but that's not all of them. See anything else on the newspaper that could be interpreted as directions?

Spoiler: ShowHide

Actually, you have two options here: Either follow NEWSSEESWEN from the main entrance to the sewers or just SWEN from the room with the ladder.

That should work, but if it doesn't, return to the entrance of the sewers and start again from the main entrance. Hope that helps!

@I am a loser:
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The plank's the solution, you just need to use it in the correct place! :)

Spoiler: ShowHide

More specifically, a bit farther from the hooded guy, at the channel on the left.

Hints & Tips / Re: Far Corners of the World
« on: 13 Sep 2011, 17:09 »
@I am a loser:
Spoiler: ShowHide

First, look up the meaning of the symbol you've found in Suzie's book.

Spoiler: ShowHide

Then try to apply this knowledge to the painting.

Spoiler: ShowHide

In other words, you need to take a look at the back of the canvas. You should have the necessary tools.

There's nothing wrong with a serial game, even one with a cliffhanger ending. But I feel that SOME of the mysteries the player spent the entire game solving should be resolved! After all that time I still don't know
Spoiler: ShowHide
why Suzie is in a coma, who the villain is,  how and why they put her in a coma, what the disc is, and of course if Suzie ever recovers!
. While perhaps some of these questions could leave us in suspense until the next installment, there should have been at least something resolved by the time the game is complete.

Don't worry, I fully understand that point of criticism. Actually I'm surpised nobody mentioned that issue so far. I pondered hard about including certain parts
Spoiler: ShowHide
like the hooded villain
in this game, seeing as they won't become relevant until later. But in the end I decided it was worth including them 1) to increase the urgency and spice things up a bit, 2) to foreshadow certain events and connect the games better with each other and 3) to give you guys something to guess and form your own theories, for those that enjoy that sort of thing.

I'm still of the opinion that the ending I found was the best cut-off point for chapter 1, and I think once you'll play the next part you'll understand and agree. Chapter 1 is more of a mystery, while chapter 2 will go in a somewhat different direction. I can promise you at least that most of the questions you mentioned will be answered in the next part and you'll get a much better sense of where the series as a whole is going. But of course that doesn't mean everything's going to be wrapped up neatly!

So adventure games aren't best sellers. So what? They are slowly paced, focus on story-telling and usually are no technical breakthroughs. Of course they are no blockbusters. They might have been in the 90s, but back then the gamer community was much smaller, much more hardcore, and adventure games often enough were the technical pinnacle.

Now of course we could strip away or replace certain aspects that are typical for adventure games, and I'm all for experimenting. But that doesn't mean that classical point&click adventures are obsolete either. Maybe for the general public they are, but enough people seem to love them for what they are and offer.

I for my part enjoy the mellow pacing of classical adventure games, that you have to work and to explore to fully experience the story, unlike say a movie or to a lesser extent a book. If done right, this can do wonders for the immersion, at least for me it does. But then I was always a person who played games as much for their story and atmosphere as for their gameplay. Sometimes I'll crave some action or an intricate RPG, and then I'll play something like Crysis or Oblivion. But they are no replacement for classic adventure games, and the other way around.

All that said, this rant isn't supposed to be an excuse for poorly designed (adventure) games (dead ends, illogical trial and error puzzles, no hints, poor story...), especially commerical ones. Those are inexcusable.

Just my two cents.

Spoiler: ShowHide
I have a 4/3 monitor and when i hightlight objects near the bottom of the screen their name arent viewable.In two occasions i got stuck for a while a)when i fell from the ladder behind the bar the name of the rod from the ladder wasnt viewable so i thought at first that it was just background scenery and b)in the substation the scarf and bottom track hotspots also werent visible.
Thanks for the tip! I've only tested window-mode and full-screen widescreen, so I hadn't noticed the problem. In the future I better not hide objects too far down the screen! I'll try to fix that for the next version.
[hide]An other minor problem when you enter a area you cant leave immediatly by the same exit,but instead move forward a little and and come back to the exit.

Darn, that was a problem I introduced shortly before the release, because I wanted to make the exits easier to use in windowed mode. At least it's easily fixed for the next update.
Spoiler: ShowHide
Lastly when i use the scarf on the cat at the hotel i dont get a possible answer.

Ups, that one I overlooked.
Spoiler: ShowHide
I didn't actually grasp what to do with the scarf,but i guess the two points i lost had to do with this item(V.B.?)...:)

The scarf's not really important. Just a little detail that will help tying the games better together when all is said and done.

I *assume* that this is a mistake...
When talking to Gwen in the apartment the background music is romantic.  Unless you're setting the stage for Tiffany betraying Jeff later on in the series, and having him fall in love with the red head.  This struck me a very odd choice.
On the other hand, traversing through the sewers in the dark, that music was perfect.

Haha, you mean the standard music in the apartment? I didn't mean for it to be romantic but rather melancholic, you know because Suzie lives there. But I see how one could get the wrong idea. As for Jeff and Gwen? Well, he'd probably lose an arm! ;)

My comment: this is an absolutely outstanding game. I would have to say that this is as close to the original adventure games as you can get.
Wow, thank you! That's a great compliment if I ever heard one! I'm really glad that my love for the classics shows, tough my games will probably never come close to THAT level of greatness.
- Character development was pretty good. Interestingly I know more about what Gwen and Tiffany are like than about Jeff.
That one's quite intriguing. Gwen I understand since she's a prominent and quite eccentric character. But Tiff I was worried would come off as a bit underdeveloped, as we don't see too much of her in this game. As for Jeff, he used to be a bit of a rebel before he's settled into this rich life-style, which he's still not entirely comfortable with. But I agree that most we learn about him is in relation to Suzie or Tiff. He also has this whole crazy improvisation thing going on that's supposed to show he's rather unconventional, but well, it IS an adventure game, so I guess that's par for the course. ;D But there's always hope for more character-development in the next game!
For the most part, the puzzles were hard enough to provide a challenge without creating a frustrating dead end and there were very few (I can only think of 2) pixel hunts.
Which one were the pixel-hunts in your opinion? Maybe I can make them a bit easier.
My only gripe about the game is the quality of the graphics. For a first game, I'm still highly impressed but considering the quality of the game, if you do (you better!) work on the sequel, you may consider putting more effort into the graphics.
I fully agree that the graphics are weak. Graphics were the reason I've never attempted a game before, since I cannot draw for the life of me. Still, I didn't want that to stop me from making a game, so it was learning by doing. And I got a bit better in time, I have some hilarious before-after backgrounds to show you - I'll upload them sometime. But the result's still not too impressive I'm afraid. However I certainly will keep trying and hopefully improve further. :)
As well, I had to turn off my speakers a few times because the music (which usually enhanced the game) drove me CRAZY while staring at the screen trying to solve something!!
Hehe, that's my fault I guess. DrWhite provided me with some really impressive tracks, but due to the scope of the game I had to keep some of the temp tracks from the internet in the end. Not all of them are equally fitting I'm afraid.

For all of you asking about chapter 2, it will definitely be released, all the more in light of the positive responses part 1 has garnered. For heaven's sake, I have a 200 page design document sitting on my desktop, outlining the whole series - that's more than my thesis! But with a busy day-job and other commitments it will probably take me another two years to get it done. But don't worry, it will be finished eventually!

Hints & Tips / Re: Far Corners of the World
« on: 05 Sep 2011, 16:56 »

Yes, that's how I solved it. But I still consider it a bit of a glitch because logically you shouldn't have to if
Spoiler: ShowHide
the jacket is already off.

Ah, ok!
Spoiler: ShowHide

Did you already have the conversation about the autograph BEFORE you set the clima to high? Since it is during that conversation that the guy gives the autograph and puts in his jacket.

If so, then it is indeed a glitch. I will look into it tonight!

Hints & Tips / Re: Far Corners of the World
« on: 05 Sep 2011, 16:45 »
It seems like a bit of a glitch, but:

Spoiler: ShowHide
when I got to the guitarist he already had his jacket off because I had been messing with the controls already. You can't get the autograph from him unless he is wearing the jacket when you ask him for the autograph and THEN make him remove it

There's actually an easy solution for that:
Spoiler: ShowHide
you can set the clima control to COLD again, then the gituarist will put on his jacket again.

Good to hear you enjoyed the game!

About the love-bird bug, I wasn't able to reproduce it. The order you suggested worked for me. However it's still possible that there's a problem deeply buried in my scripts somewhere. I'll double-check whether there's something that can go wrong.

Hints & Tips / Re: Far Corners of the World
« on: 02 Sep 2011, 20:14 »

The golden disk is laid out at the apartment.  I got the magnifying glass and used it on the mountain.  I've tried every combination I could think of.  Then ran every variation on the inner two rings.  Nothing.  

Now what?

Spoiler: ShowHide

Did you look up the symbol you saw through the magnifying glass in Suzie's book? Any ideas what that could mean in respect to the painting?

In short
Spoiler: ShowHide

you need to take a look at the back of the canvas!

Oh, and one note about the lottery numbers... I saw that problem mentioned a few times, but
Spoiler: ShowHide

even if you don't catch the numbers the first time, you can still get them later, by simply looking at the TV - they are displayed at the bottom of the screen until you have solved that puzzle.

Thanks for the replies, guys! Glad you are enjoying it so far!  :)

Regarding the room count, initially I expected around 20 rooms or so, but yeah it kind of exploded... ;D altogether it's more than 70 rooms, but many of them are used for cutscenes only and some are only slight variations of others.

Sorry for the ratty looking clothes - maybe Jeff will change them some time down the road, but don't count on it! And congratulations for finishing the game so fast - how long did it take you in hours, give or take? What did you think about the overall difficulty?

If you get the full 160 points there's a short (and I really mean short) extra scene at the end. See it as an incentive... :) But I can guess which points you've missed, so if you wanna know contact me!

Chapter 2 is already in the works, but knowing me it will be quite some time until it's finished...

One note about the lottery numbers... I saw that problem mentioned a few times, but
Spoiler: ShowHide

even if you don't catch the numbers the first time, you can still get them later, by simply looking at the TV - they are displayed at the bottom of the screen until you have solved that puzzle.

There shouldn't be a dead-end like that in the game, forcing you to reload. If you find one, I really fucked up! :D

Thanks for the advice regarding the stove, I didn't think about that one! I'll add a fitting message in the next version of the game.

The problem with the stairs I know about, they were a pain in the *** and still have a few problems. I guess because the walkable area for the stairs are so small. I'll try to find a solution for the next version - in the meantime think of it as a shortcut! :)

Regarding general puzzle logic, yeah, I had to succumb to adventure game logic a few times. Many of these improvisations wouldn't make sense in real life, especially if you were running around a city like London. Well, I try to sell it as one of Jeff's character quirks and will try to do better in my next game. ;) Also, if you have already been at the souvenir shop of totally useless items, you know why Jeff never buys the things he needs... :D

Looking forward to the rest of your comments once you've completed the game!

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