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Hi All good peeps.

Yes tis I RetroJay.
I am still here, lurking in the shadows and working hard on 'The Lost Prince - Part 2'.

I want to ask you all a question. (for my Brother)

Has anyone here played 'Deadly Premonition - The Directors Cut.'
My Bro got it recently but is having trouble playing because it keeps crashing.
We have searched the web and other people are having the same issue with it.
There is a fix called 'dpFix' but this has no effect on the crashing problem whatsoever.
He has also tried other suggestions, found online, to remedy the issue but sadly none work.

It's not a fantastic game to look at, the coding seems a bit botched and it's just weird but there is a certain something about it that we like.
If anyone here has found a solution to the problem we would be most grateful.


Hi All Good Peeps.

My Brother has been experincing props with 'Batman - Arkham City' on GFW Live since he recently got a Win 8 machine.
I would realy appreciate it if someone could help him out.

I shall now pass my keyboard to my Bro so he can explain.
When I start up Batman Arkham City GFW Live doesnt appear on the in-game title screen. Even pressing the HOME key
does nothing. I couldnt even continue from where I left off because my save had vanished. All it would let me do
is begin a new game. This is something I dont want to do. I copied and transferred the WB folder containing my auto
save from my old comp across to my Windows 8 machine. I was also having troubles with Fable 3 concerning corrupt saves
untill someone online had suggested copying the Xlive folder from the old computer, Deleting the one on the new computer
and then replacing it with the copied folder. After doing this my saves worked. Upon doing this I thought it might resolve
the problem with the Batman saves not appearing and GFW Live aswell. But it didnt. I have no problem with GFW Live on any other
games I play, Just Batman.

I have had a pointless game of Email tennis between Microsoft and WB games who are both blaming the other. I was told to download
and reinstall the most recent version of GFW Live client which I have done but still Batman refuses to recognise it.

If anyone can shed some much needed light on this prob I would be most grateful.

Sorry guys for this huge message but my Bro wanted to explain the prob as well as he could


Hi All good peeps.

I am creating the second part of 'The Lost Prince Of Lorden' and wish to add more effects this time.

In one part of my game the character is in a room with flickering candle light.
The walls and floor flicker, as they should. I have used animating backgrounds for this.
Is there a way that I can make the Player character and other characters flicker too?

I was thinking maybe regions would have to be used.

Any help would be much appreciated.


General Discussion / Texas Tornado.
« on: 24 May 2013, 00:45 »
Hi All.

I find it odd how no one has commented about the Texas Tornado.

I am concerned about the well being of Ponch and his Family.


The Rumpus Room / AGS Doctor
« on: 16 May 2013, 01:18 »
Hi All.

Wouldn't it be great if we all had access to an AGS Doctor?
We could PM Him or Her with problems, maybe pics (If needed), and they could guide us as to what treatment, if any, is needed.

It's only a thought.



Hi All.

Does any one here have a site hosted by InCreator?

The reason I ask this question is cos my site has vanished.

Is InCreator ok?
I haven't heard from him since he set my site up. (other than to tell me he had changed the address.)

I hope he is just having technical probs.
Can anyone let me know if he is well, Please ?


Hi All Good Peeps.

I need some help here.

I am using 32 bit Vista.

IE used to work fine until today.
Now none of the AGS user icons, within the forums, are animating. (Including my own.)

Mozilla FireFox works fine
What is going on and can anyone tell me why?

Many thanks.

Hi all.

I need a little help.

I seem to be having broblems with 'Character scaling'.
All of my Character sprites have a footstep sound within their views, at the correct frames.
A few rooms have Walkable areas where the character walks away from the camera, in to the distance.
Although the character scaling works, he gets smaller, the footstep sounds stay at the same volume.

I have searched and read the manual, as usual, but am at a loss.
I have gone over and over this and everything is set to use 'continuous scaling'.

Please. have I missed something here?

Many thanks.

Beginners' Technical Questions / Ambient sound problems.
« on: 13 Nov 2012, 03:46 »
Hi Good Peeps.

I have started the second part of my game, The Lost Prince Of Lorden - Part 2, using AGS 3.2.1. (I did it, I finaly went with 3).

I need your help, though, already.
When I play my game the Sound FX, Music and Ambient sounds, all play as they should.
However... If I save a game and then load that saved game the Sound FX and Music all play as they did before, but the Ambient Sound stops playing after a few seconds.
Why is this?

Please help me, as I had no trouble with this before with 2.72.

I have searched for this problem, but have found nothing that relates to it.


Completed Game Announcements / The Lost Prince Of Lorden
« on: 13 Sep 2012, 00:28 »
J-Soft is proud to present.
The Lost Prince Of Lorden - Part 1

You are on your way to Bridgetown, a large and prosperous village on the northern shores of Lorden.
There are four villages in all. One to the north, east, south and west points of the Isle.
You have travelled South, from The Lore Lands across the river Yeatham, to hold council with Good King Aarion in his castle.
He and his daughter, Princess Petal, command the four villages and the Isle of Lorden.

Reaching the castle gate your trusty steed becomes suddenly spooked, obviously by a feeling only it can sense, and throws you, unceremoniously, from its back.
You awake to find that you have no idea as to where you are or how you even ended up in this predicament.

This has been made with AGS 2.72
2 gig of memory required.
(I have used 'Kweepa's' Lake Module within my game and on a 1 gig machine I suffer slowdown when lake is present.)

To visit my site and download please click below:
J-Soft Entertainment..


Just Click Below to download:     
DOWNLOAD - The Lost Prince Of Lorden - Part 1.

I hope that you all enjoy.

The Rumpus Room / The 'Three Sea Shells'
« on: 20 Jun 2012, 02:29 »
Hi All Good Peeps.

How Does The 'Three Sea Shells' Work in the, Stallone, film 'Demolition Man'.
I have heard some hilarious answers, all over the web, but want to hear more.

This has been a mystery to many people.
Share your thoughts...Please.


Hi all good peeps.

I have all of my Quit, Save and Load GUI's working just fine.

What I want is for a "Do you want to overwrite this saved game?" GUI to appear if there is already a saved game with that name.
I have done pretty much the same with a delete confirmation GUI and had no probs but this has me stumped.

The code bellow is linked to my Save button on the Save GUI.
What I would like to know is.
At what point would I open the confirmation GUI (I thought just after "// If so, overwrite the selected save game").
Also what script do I need to link to the confirmation GUI's  "Yes" button to get this to work?
I nearly had it working once but then it all went even more pear shaped than your average pear.

The script bellow, with the help of Khris, works just how I wanted it to now. :)
Here it is. ;)
As it says bellow. Put this at top of Global Script.
Code: Adventure Game Studio
  1. // top of global script
  2. int temp_savegame_index;
  3. String temp_savename;
This I put into the Save button on the Save GUI
Code: Adventure Game Studio
  1. function btnConfirmSave_Click(GUIControl *control, MouseButton button) {
  3. // Player pushed Save button on Save GUI  
  4.   int totalSaves = lstSaveGames.ItemCount; //number of saves on list
  5.   String saveName = txtSaveNames.Text; //holds value of txtSaveName
  7. // Check for a save name. If none, tell them.  Else, go on.
  8.   if (saveName == "")
  9.   {
  10.     Display("Please enter a name for your saved game.");
  11.     return;
  12.   }
  14. // If there is no saved games yet, just save it.
  15.   if (lstSaveGames.SelectedIndex == -1)
  16.   {
  17.     gSavegame.Visible = false;
  18.     mouse.Mode = eModeInteract;
  19.     mouse.SetBounds(0,0,0,0);
  20.     SaveGameSlot(totalSaves+1, saveName);
  21.     Wait(20);
  22.     Display ("Game saved successfully.");
  23.   }
  25.   else
  26.   {
  27.     int checkSave = 0; //runs through the list and checks for double entries
  28.     while (checkSave != totalSaves)
  29.     {
  30.       if (saveName == lstSaveGames.Items[checkSave]) // one matches, so overwrite it.
  31.       {
  32.         // If so, overwrite the selected save game
  33.         temp_savegame_index = savegameindex[checkSave];
  34.         temp_savename = saveName;
  35.         mouse.SetBounds(94, 105, 225, 134);
  36.         gOverwrite.Visible = true;
  37.         return;
  38.       }
  39.       checkSave++;
  40.     }
  42.     // There is no match, just save to a new slot.
  43.     if (totalSaves < 10)
  44.     {
  45.       mouse.Mode = eModeInteract;
  46.       mouse.SetBounds(0,0,0,0);
  47.       gSavegame.Visible = false;
  48.       SaveGameSlot(totalSaves+1, saveName);
  49.       Wait(20);
  50.       Display ("Game saved successfully.");
  51.     }
  53.     else
  54.     {
  55.       Display("The maximum number of saved games has been reached; overwrite or delete some old ones.");
  56.     }
  57.   }
  58. }
This I put into the Yes Button on the confirmation GUI.
Code: Adventure Game Studio
  1. function btnOverwrite_Yes_Click(GUIControl *control, MouseButton button) {
  3. // If confirmation GUI's Yes button is clicked:
  4.   SaveGameSlot(temp_savegame_index, temp_savename);
  5.   gOverwrite.Visible = false;
  6.   gSavegame.Visible = false;
  7.   mouse.Mode = eModeInteract;
  8.   mouse.SetBounds(0, 0, 0, 0);
  9.   Wait(20);
  10.   Display ("Game saved successfully.");
  11. }

I cleaned the script up a bit. Hope it's easier to read now.

Many thanks.

Hi Peeps.

Ok. I have created my own load, save, and quit GUI's.
On the load gui I have a text box that when you click on a save from the list appears in this textbox.

The problem is, though, that if the player types anything it goes in to the box (obviously).
I want the textbox to be un-editable and just show a line of text without the player being able to change it.
I understood, by what I was reading, that this line was what I needed:-

Code: Adventure Game Studio
  1. txtLoadName.Clickable = false;

Alas. This doesn't work.
I have been trying to use the search to get the answer to this problem but am having probs with it... again. ::)
Tried the Wiki and found the same line as I have been using, to no avail.
Any help would be fantastic.


Hi all.

I have made a view. within this view I have frames of Ego falling over (to the left) in loop 1 and (to the right) in loop 2.

The script bellow works well, if Ego is already facing left.
However. If Ego is facing right he uses (obviously) the same loop (loop 1), which is wrong and looks crap.

Code: Adventure Game Studio
  1. // script for Object 4 (Mushroom2): Interact object
  3. if (John_Examine_Mushroom == true){
  4.   cEgo.Say("I'll take this.");
  5.   Wait(20);
  6.   cEgo.Say("Oh. I don't feel so good.");
  7.   cEgo.Say("I think I may have made a fatal error.");
  8.   Wait(20);
  9.   mouse.Visible = false;
  10.   character[EGO].LockViewAligned(29,1, eAlignLeft);
  11.   character[EGO].Animate(1, 5, eOnce, eBlock, eForwards);
  12.   Display("Well. That was just stupid. You are dead.");
  13.   FadeOut(1);
  14.   RestartGame();
  15. }

How on earth can I get the correct loop to play depending on what way Ego is facing in the game.
I have looked in the manual, I have searched and tinkered about with this for days and can't get it to work the way I would like. :'(

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Many thanks.


Hi Peeps.

Ok. I have a room that has a pair of eyes, within a wall, set right in the centre of the screen.
The eyes are made up of three objects. 1-eyes left, 2-eyes right and 3- eyes centre. These are on top of each other so they can be switched on or off.

Now on the walkable area, going across the screen and under the eyes, I have set three regions. 1- left side of room, 2- right side of room and 3- just under eyes.
I you are on the left side of screen, on region 1, the eyes look left. If you are on the right side of screen, region 2, the eyes look right and if you are under the eyes, region 3,
the eyes look down at you and a sound is played, just once.

I have written the script for each of the eyes, objects,  to turn off or on depending on what region the player is standing. I used the 'Player walks onto region' for all three.

This works just how I want it to... However I have come across a problem.

On the right side of the screen is a 'switch', this is a hotspot and has a walk to set which is set to 'eblock' because the player walks up to switch and says things about it.
If you are on the right side of screen and click on the switch, no problem, the eyes are looking at you.
But if you are on the left side of the screen, eyes are looking at you, until you click the switch.
The player then walks across the screen, under the eyes, and to the switch says what he knows about it and then, only after he has finished, does the eyes look at him and plays
the sound.

I know what the problem is. It's because of the bloody blocking but I just can't fix it.
I have tried using rep-execute-always but still no joy.

I am sorry for this long message but I wanted to explain my prob as thoroughly as possible. :-[

What am I doing wrong?
Is there an easier way to achieve what I am trying to do?

Many, Many thanks.

Hi All good peeps.

I have searched for this but am not 100% sure with the answers.
I don't want to offend anyone with my poor speech.

I wish to say to fellow workers "I am very sorry. This building is no entry on request of my boss."

How do I say this in Spanish, French and Portuguese.

Spanish, French and Portuguese lorry drivers used a room, at work, as their canteen.
However. It has now been locked because of a health risk.

I have managed to communicate with them with hand gestures and drawings.
Some of them do understand a small amount of English... But.
I would love to be able to say what needs to be said in their own language.

Please help me as I feel bad.
These are good people and have always been friendly.

Many thanks.

General Discussion / Windows 7 woes. (Network probs).
« on: 20 Sep 2011, 23:41 »
Hi all.

I want to run a problem by you all that has happened this very evening. (The Twilight Zone music plays in background.)

I have a win 7 laptop and an XP desktop.
My win 7 laptop has always been able to see my XP desktop on the home network. (There has never been a problem).
However. Tonight my win 7 laptop has decided that it no longer wishes to acknowledge my XP machine. ???
It finds my brothers win 7 comp but just will not show any XP machines. My father has an XP netbook and I can't even see that now. :(

In short. Everything win 7 it finds. Everything XP it doesn't.
It all worked perfectly before tonight and I have done nothing to stop it from seeing these comps.

Any thoughts as to why?

Many thanks.

Hi Peeps.

As most of you know, by now, I am trying to finnish my game using AGS 2.72.
Last night I was doing some testing to my game 'The Lost Prince Of lorden'.
I wanted to use one of the debuging tools, you know the 'ctrl + bla' keys.
For some unknown reason I pressed 'Alt and R' and a recorder started counting. ???

When I looked in my compiled folder for my game I now have an, untitled, agr file there.

My questions are... 1. What is the recorders purpous ? (as there seems no way of playing anything back.)
                               2. Can I delete this agr file from my compiled folder ?
                               3. What the hell is an agr file ? :-[

Many Thanks.

Hi all good Peeps of AGS.
                                                               >> GAME IS RELEASED <<
                                                                                                                  (Please see completed games thread)

                                                                                                                                 J-Soft Presents
                                                                                                                 THE LOST PRINCE OF LORDEN - Part 1

                                                                 You are on your way to Bridgetown, a large and prosperous village on the northern shores of Lorden.
                                                                            There are four villages in all. One to the north, east, south and west points of the Isle.
                                                      You have travelled South, from The Lore Lands across the river Yeatham, to hold council with Good King Aarion in his castle.
                                                                             He and his daughter, Princess Petal, command the four villages and the Isle of Lorden.

                    Reaching the castle gate your trusty steed becomes suddenly spooked, obviously by a feeling only it can sense, and throws you, unceremoniously, from its back.
                                                         You awake to find that you have no idea as to where you are or how you even ended up in this predicament.


                                                                                                                  The Lost Prince Of Lorden is complete.
                                                                                                                   This has been made with AGS 2.72
                                                                                                                          2 gig of memory required.
                    (I have used 'Stevemcrea's' or should I now say 'Kweepa's' Lake Module within my game and on a 1 gig machine I suffer slowdown when lake is present.)

                                                                                    I have Part 2 in mind but I will await the verdict of part 1 before I continue.

Many Thanks.

General Discussion / Media library problem in Win7.
« on: 20 Jun 2011, 22:32 »
Hi all good AGS...ers.

I got a new laptop running Windows 7.
I put my music and vids into the appropriate folders but something is strange.
When I open 'Media Library' it shows all of my music but doesn't show any of my videos.
It says that the video library is empty, which I know for a fact is wrong.

Has anyone had the same problem or am I just doing something wrong?

Many thanks.

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