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Hi peeps.

I wonder if anyone could help me with this piece of code I have.
I haven't worked with timers before as I haven't needed them but now I do.
If at all possible I am looking for advice for the best way of using them.

Now I have a couple of stars that twinkle (star objects) I want them to twinkle a pause and then twinkle and so on.
In 'Player enters room before fadein' I put this.

Code: Adventure Game Studio
  2.   SetTimer(1,300);  
  3.   SetTimer(2,212);
In my room script I have made the 'function repeatedly_execute_always()' and put this.

Code: Adventure Game Studio
  1. function repeatedly_execute_always() {
  2.   // Script for twinkling stars. //
  4. if (IsTimerExpired(1) == 1) {
  5.    object[3].Animate(0,5,eOnce,eNoBlock);
  6.    SetTimer(1,300);  
  7.    return;
  8.   }
  10.   if (IsTimerExpired(2) == 1) {
  11.   object[4].Animate(0,5,eOnce,eNoBlock);
  12.   SetTimer(2,212);
  13.   return;
  14.  }
  15. }

This works as I want it to but it just seems clunky somehow. Is there a better way of doing this?

Many thanks.

General Discussion / Knowledge Base Link is broken.
« on: 08 Apr 2011, 01:06 »
Hi all.

I have done exactly what I have been told to do. (Doesn't specify where I should post this so here seems good to me). :-\
I am reporting that 'Knowledge Base' is not working.

Many Thanks.

Hi all good peeps.

Firstly. I feel bad for posting this above Snake's post.
Snake. My condolences for your loss. :'(

I am in search of help.
Tonight I downloaded a program called 'Driver Genius Professional'. I needed a serial key. So I then found a key gen for it and downloaded that too.
I then ran scans on both programs and all was well. However when I double clicked to open the key gen I recieved a 'Big Blue Screen Of Death' and my
laptop re-booted.

Now all I am presented with is a black screen on startup. :o
Does anyone know what has happened here and is there a way to undo what I have, obviously, caused.
I could use my restart disk but I realy didn't want to loose stuff on the HDD until I have no other option.

Please can anyone help.
Many thanks.

General Discussion / Looking for a Sound FX.
« on: 29 Dec 2010, 23:39 »
Hi all.

I hope everyone is well and had a very Merry Christmas.

I need help. (people have been telling me this for years.) ;D

I am trying to find a certain sound for surprise. I have tried many sound fx sites with no joy.
I know the sound I want but have been unable to find it. It is used in 'Monty Python and the Holy Grail'.
The only way I can describe it is- It's orchestral, fairly high in tone, is a short burst and is on one note (I think).

I would be most grateful if someone could, please,  point me in the right direction to attain this sound.

Thank you and Have a Happy New Year.

Hi all good peeps.

First of all I should say that for this project I have been using 2.72. (trying to get it finished).
I have been trying to dissable right clicks, of the mouse, within the inventory GUI for some time now.

However after much reading of the manual and plowing through the help section I think I have cracked it.
I set 'Handle inventory clicks in script' to true and modified the 'on mouse click Function' to this.

Code: Adventure Game Studio
  1. function on_mouse_click(MouseButton button) {
  2.   // called when a mouse button is clicked. button is either LEFT or RIGHT
  3.   if (IsGamePaused() == 1) {
  4.     // Game is paused, so do nothing (ie. don't allow mouse click)
  5. }
  6.   else if (button == eMouseLeft) {
  7.     ProcessClick(mouse.x, mouse.y, mouse.Mode );
  8.   }
  9.   else {   // right-click, so cycle cursor
  10.     mouse.SelectNextMode();
  11. }
  12.   if (button == eMouseLeftInv) // left click on inventory item
  13. {
  14.   if (mouse.Mode == eModeInteract)
  15.    {
  16.    // select inventory item on eModeInteract:
  17.     player.ActiveInventory = inventory[ game.inv_activated ];
  18.   }
  19.   else {   // run interaction if the cursor mode isn't eModeInteract:
  20.     inventory[ game.inv_activated ].RunInteraction( mouse.Mode );
  21.   }
  22.  }
  23. }

It seems to work how I would like it to, at the moment.
I would like to know if anyone can see a problem with what I have done here or maybe if I could have done something different, better or neater.

I would be most grateful.
Many thanks.

General Discussion / Has anyone ever used Eraser?
« on: 06 Oct 2010, 21:45 »
Hi all.

I wish to pick your brains.

The other day I made a silly error and deleted a file I most certainly needed.
My next door neighbour suggested that I use 'Pandora Recovery' as he had used it before and retrieved a deleted file.
I did this and managed to get the file back by copying it to my flash drive.

However I was astounded by the amount of deleted material that was there.
Surely this must have an impact in some way to system performance having all this shite floating around in the depths of the HDD.

So I started some research and found a few programs which supposedly wipes all the deleted material.
One program that kept getting mentioned over others was 'Eraser'.

My question is. Has anyone used this kind of software and does it work?

I don't want to do anything until I have other peoples views on this.

Many thanks.

Hi all good peeps.

I have a problem that I just know you can help me with.
I think it fair to say that I am still using AGS 2.72 (cos I love it).

Right. I have my inventory window, with graphics of items the player has collected.
What I would like to do is... When you select the items the cursor changes to a different graphic for each one.
So. If you have a sword in the inventory (just the hilt shown) and select it the cursor changes to a full sword with a cross hair on the tip.

I have searched for the answer and read the manual and found nothing that works.
I have been trying to use the 'mouse.changemodegraphic' and other such lines of the same sort, which is in the manual, but no luck.

Please any help would be great.
Thank you.

Not to worry. I have sorted this out myself. Turns out I was doing something extremely silly. ::)

Hi good peeps.

I have been trying to help my dad, who has a windows 7 laptop.
He wishes to delete a screen saver that was installed along with a program.
It is there cos you click on it to set it as a screen saver.


I can't find it to delete it.
Now I have gone to 'Remove programs' and it's not there. I have searched the web and other people are having the same prob.
All the solutions just say 'go to remove programs'. Even the, useless, Microsoft site says to do the same thing.
I have even typed '*.scr' into the win7 'search files' window and get no results.

Can anyone please help with this.
Many thanks.

Hi all good AGS...ers.
I am still using 2.72 (cos I am truly Retro)

Ok. I already know that 'Khris' will have a go at me for this...But here goes.

My problem is.

I have two rooms.
Let's say that Room 1 has an object that is 'NOT' visible and Room 2 has an 'NPC' that the Player can talk to.
I would like to talk to the 'NPC' in Room 2 and on 'option 3' of the dialoge switch the Object 'ON' for Room 1.

Is there a way to do this?

Many thanks.

General Discussion / See who can solve this riddle.
« on: 21 Jun 2010, 20:53 »
Hi all.

Ok. My Bro has a game called 'The Filmaker'.
In one section you have to answer a riddle. (to which we have no clue of the answer) ::)

Let's see if anyone here can solve it.

"Made up of nine letters I be,
 but some can be removed, you see.

 Remove one letter from the word,
 And you will see something absurd.

 For a new word I do spell out,
 Despite the letter I'm now without.

 Do not yet think that you are done,
 Repeat til I'm a word of one.

 This traits unique, I don't deny.
 Now please tell me:  what word be I?

 I will provide hints for the dense:
 To scare in the progressive tense."

Just a bit of fun. A good workout for the little grey cells!


Hi Good peeps.
Hope you are all well.

I am still using AGS 2.72 (for this project)

Ok. I have a room where half is pitch black and half is light.
Now I have covered the dark side with a region and created the script for when the character walks onto this region.
What happens is the character view changes to just a pair of eyes in the darkness and then when he walks off the region the view changes to his normal view.
This works beautifully.

Now for the problem.
In your inventory you have a flashlight which you use on the dark side of the room. I wish for the character to walk into the darkness and use the light.
However. If I set coords for him to walk to using 'eblock' his view does not change on the dark region.
I want him to automaticaly walk into the darkness and use the light cos it looks wierd if he uses the light on the light side of the room.

If I could just get this to work then the section of game I am working on would be complete.
Many thanks.


Hi all good peeps of AGS. ;D

I have searched for my answer but to no avail.

My question is. Is there any way that the player can change room whilst using a specific character view?
I wish to use something like - If PlayerView=(10) then change room at specific coords..Blah..Blah.

I have been trying various codes to achieve what I wish but am failing. :'(

The reason I am trying to do this is because the player can use an inventory item (clothing) and change view (clothes).
I then wish him to enter a diferent room to the one he would have gone to if he were wearing his normal clothes.

Please. Can anyone Help?

Many Thanks.

General Discussion / Evil Dead 4
« on: 16 Apr 2010, 01:29 »
Hi all good peeps.

Just finished watching "Evil Dead 3- Army Of Darkness".

I have watched all three films... Many times before (Cos I love them) ;D

I did a bit of Googling and found that there is talk of an 'Evil Dead 4' where Bruce Campbell may have a cameo role.
Now I don't know if anyone here would agree with me...But.
After watching Mr Campbells facial features I couldn't but help to see Jim Carrey!!

I Think that he would make a fantastic 'Ash' in another 'Evil Dead' film.

Many kind regards.

General Discussion / Power DVD.
« on: 19 Jan 2010, 01:27 »
Hi all.

I have 'Power DVD' on my comp, cos I like films.
I have also had it on other computers that I have owned, all runing XP home and Pro.

All computers have suffered the same probs.
I pause the film, while I take a piss, and when I come back my comp has locked up, solid, and I need to restart.

I have the up-to date version, and ones before, but all cause the same prob.

Any thoughts?

General Discussion / Pressure Points of the body
« on: 13 Jan 2010, 01:49 »
Hi All and to all a Happy New Year.

A friend of mine suffers with pounding migranes and I wish I could help ease the pain.
Now a few years ago I heard that preasure points on the feet, when pushed or massaged, could cure headaches.
Is this true?

If so then I was wondering if anyone here knows how to do this and maybe give me a few pointers.
Maybe even point me towards a good web site dealing with this sort of thing.

Many thanks.

General Discussion / Ho Ho Bloody HO!
« on: 08 Dec 2009, 02:08 »
Hi all.

I was just wondering. How many other peeps here are working all through Christmas?

I have been working for a security company for over nine years now and have never had Xmas off.
This year they said I would be able to as they had taken on more workers...GREAT!

However. Just when I thought I may have a splendid time with my family, this year, they lost the contract.
To top all of this (with a big fat cherry).
The company has decided to palm me and my bro (who is also with security) over to another firm.
Guess what?  Yes they want us to work all over Christmas and New year.

I hope you all have a verry Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.


Hi Peeps.

On my new comp I did a general search for 'Pictures and Photos' (using all of the 'More advanced options')  and was supprised to find
a shed load of things that pointed to a 'Res' folder (or things that had res in the line).

I am confussed. My last comp never gave me all of these 'res' results. ???

All of my pics and photos that I have appear as do all pics of games and programs I have installed.
I just don't understand this 'Res' thing as you can't do anything with them (View them or anything else).

Is this normal or have I got a problem with my new comp?


Hi all.

I got into a conversation tonight down the local and thought this might be a laugh.
It was all to do with television programs we remembered as kids.
Here is the question.

At what point in your life (when you were a young boy or girl watching T.V.) did you ever think "Oh yeah. I want you...Ooh!".
What show was it And who did it for you.

For me I think that 'Daisy Duke' of 'The Dukes Of Hazzard' did it for me. ;)
Don't be shy. Let us all know your childhood dreams.


General Discussion / Waking the dead. repeat or not?
« on: 29 Sep 2009, 00:13 »
Can someone please help.

I watched 'Waking the dead- Endgame' tonight.
However I have seen it before. I thought this was meant to be a new series!

My Family thinks I have gone mad.
Either it has been on tv before or I, at some point, have travelled into the future to watch it.
I have trawled through web pages and they all say it was aired for the first time tonight.
I don't undertand cos I knew what was going to happen and the outcome.

Please help me regain my sanity.


What the hell is going on here.

I have been using AGS for a few years now and have also been using AVG as my virus software for longer.
I have been trying to finish a couple of games and so, was, still using AGS 2.72.
There have been no problems.

However tonight my comp did it's usual scan and reported 10 viruses and they were all to do with AGS.
All of the files were EXE files within the AGS creation software and all of the games I have been making.
As luck would have it I have a back up of my main creation on a laptop but all of the games and AGS are no longer working on my main comp.

All of the files were moved to the virus vault and given the name 'Back door, Trojan horse'. I tried to restore these files but alas no joy.
acwin.exe no longer exists within AGS and everything has come crashing down around my ears.

The actual message I get is through AVG is ' Trojan horse Back Door. Hupigon5.IZM'
And as I said before it is all to do with AGS!!

Please can anyone shed some light on what may have happened.


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