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Hi good peeps of AGS.
Last night I had a merry old time installing AGS 3 on to my comp.
WOW doesn't it look nice!!

Now the game I have been working on (with my other comp using AGS 2.72) I imported into 3.0.
A message informed me that it was an old game and would back up my game files and place them into My Documents.
I sorted out some bugs in my game that the debugger found and saved my game.
When I looked in My Documents I was confussed cos I have a folder labled with the title of my game but it's empty!!
The old folder I have of my game in My Docs has the backup folder and all my, I assume, new files in it.
When I click on the backup folder I find it has, I assume again, my original game files.
The thing is why have I got a new empty folder of my game and why has everything been put into my old game folder.
I've obviously done something wrong......Maybe. 

Any help would be....well....very helpfull. ;D

Beginners' Technical Questions / Walkto woes!
« on: 20 Feb 2008, 21:43 »
Hi everyone.
I'm having a ''Walkto'' problem in my game.
I have created an "object" which is a closed door.
Now on other mouse clicks such as "Lookat", "Interact" and "speek" I used the ''move character'' and "Face location" to walk right up to the door and face it.
However I can't do this with "Walkto" and I am finding that when I click the "Walkto" cursor on the door my character 9 times out of 10 stands in the wrong place and facing the wrong direction. Is there a way to rectify this.
I did look before posting and found a few entries to do with "Walkto" but not the same prob as mine.


General Discussion / Resolution of 1024x768
« on: 14 Feb 2008, 05:17 »
Hi guys and Girls.
I was just wondering if at some point there maybe a way to create a game using a resolution of 1024x768.
would this not give us a way of making much more detailed backgrounds and characters.
Just a thought.

General Discussion / AnaCapri- The dream.
« on: 06 Feb 2008, 20:08 »
Hi all.
My brother bought ''Anacapri- The dream'' and is most upset cos there are no voices in the adventure mode.
He does however get a guides voice in the exploration mode.
His OS is V...V...Vista!
Myself and other more intelligent folk, within my family, who run XP have no problems with sound whatsoever.
Can anyone make a suggestion as to how this problem could be rectified please.
Oh just one more thing the background music plays fine and even fades slightly when someone is supposed to talk, but that is where
the problem lies as there is no speech.

Advanced Technical Forum / Random buttons.
« on: 25 Jan 2008, 03:27 »
Hi all.
Tis me again!
Sorry to be a pain.
I am having another prob with my game.
Is there a way to get a button (object) to appear in random cords on screen for only a few secconds.
I would like it to be clickable, but random, so as when you play the section of game again the button appears in a different place each time.
I would like it so that if you do not click the button in time then you DIE! Ha Ha ha! ;)

I hope you can help. Thanx.

I'm sorry if I have posted this in the wrong place.
But I assumed that it would be to do with scripting!

General Discussion / Photoshop elements 2.0
« on: 17 Dec 2007, 19:14 »
I don`t know if anyone can help but here goes.
I received a copy of adobe 'Photoshop elements 2.0' in the software bundle that came with my laptop.
I never bothered using it cos I use Jasc 'paintshop pro 9' but I keep hearing people rave about photoshop.
This is my problem. On inserting the disk I was horrified to be presented with a box to enter my serial number into.
I know I had the serial number on the cd sleve but I think I may have it away. :-[
This must have happened when I put the disk into a hard case for my cd rack.
I've been to the Adobe web site but no joy.
Can anyone help me get it working.
Thanks Jay.

Beginners' Technical Questions / Font color
« on: 14 Dec 2007, 04:21 »
Hi everyone.
Is there any way to get more colors for the fonts.
I know how to change the colors within AGS but the color I seek tis not there.
I have tried all colors within the editor but all look ....well....Wrong!


Beginners' Technical Questions / RawDraw
« on: 05 Dec 2007, 03:58 »
Just one question. Looking through various posts I have noticed people talking about RawDraw.
What does this mean?
Is it another way to draw 'Sprites' or 'Backgrounds'.
I am interested cos some of my 'characters' do tend to look a bit 'boxy' when I draw them and place them in my game.
My Game is a 640x480 game and I use Paintshop pro 9.

Any help would be nice.
Jay. :)

Hi everyone.
I have been doing very well with a project I started recently but have now hit a brick wall.
In my game I have a control panel that has a button on it to open a viewing screen. I set this as a HOTSPOT.
Interacting with it runs my small animation and the screen opens. GREAT!
Here is the prob. I now want to be able to interact with the same button again to close the screen. This is where it's going wrong!
I have been doing fairly well with scripting and have managed to get some tricky things sorted on my own.
However this prob has me scratching my head.
Please help me then I can surge ahead.........Hopefully!

Beginners' Technical Questions / Object problems!
« on: 09 Oct 2007, 04:57 »
I`m having a problem with objects.
When I create an object and place it within my room it looks fine and in place.
When I test my game the object that looked fine in the editor is a few pixels out and looks out of place.
What am I doing wrong?

Any help would be....Well....Very helpfull.:)

General Discussion / The Munsters
« on: 03 Oct 2007, 00:55 »
Hi all.
Please help! After a few drinks tonight me and my mates, somehow, got onto the topic of 'The Munsters'.
Now one of my mates swears that 'Robert Prosky' the guy who played 'Grandpa Fred' in 'Gremlins 2' (he was the one dressed as a vampire)
played 'Grandpa Munster' in one of the newish remakes of 'The Munsters'.
The rest of us weren`t sure of this.
A heated but friendly dispute took place that eventually drew other drinkers into the debate, none of which helped our plight, and only confused the issue.
Can anyone help? :) 

General Discussion / Undercover- Operation Wintersun
« on: 21 Sep 2007, 23:12 »
Hi. Has anyone played undercover- Operation Wintersun on a machine running (Dare I say it) VISTA.
My brother purchased this game from Amazon as they said it was for all OS including (Dare I say it) VISTA.
I`m sorry but everytime I say VISTA I break out into a rash!
Anyway all other sites I have been to also seem to have got it wrong as it has not been made with V....That OS in mind according to the very short and uninterested E-mail I got from Lighthouse Interactive.
The problem with the game is that there is no video. Sound to the video- Yes. Video- no!
The game itself runs fine and looks to be a good (point and click) adventure. Now I tried it on my XP machine and everything including videos work just fine.
Has anyone else had this video problem on V..V..Vista (If I say it quick I might be ok).
I can only find two patches for this game and they are for the German version.
But I thought that I would let you all know that whatever you hear Undercover- Operation wintersun has NOT been made with Vista (damn!) in mind.
If anyone has managed to get video working on Vis..Vis..Vista then please let me know how. Thanks.

Hi everyone. First I just want to say what a fantastic program AGS is (Like you didn`t already know that). Secondly I have made the first part of a small game for my younger brother who very much enjoyed it. I am pleased with this cos I never made a game before and AGS made it so easy.
However I want to make a better (I think the term is sprite) character.
Say I create a game of 640x480 and I want the character (or sprite) to be about half the hight of the screen do I draw (using my paint package) a character the full height of the screen and rescale it to half or just draw it the size I want and be done.
The reason I ask this is because I want to make a fairly detailed character. But when I test my game the character seems not so sharp and clear as when I drew it and the detail is somehow lost.
If anyone could give me a few pointers on drawing characters (or sprites) I would be most gratefull. The paint package I am using Is
Paintshop Pro 9.
Please forgive me as this is the first time I have ever tried to post anything into a forum and I hope I have done this right!

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