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Hello, fellow AGSers!

Here's the first plugin for AGS that I've ever released. The experimental credits plugin. But it's a start. It's quite easy to use and so on. But the text can't currently be centered and there are no amazing special effects. Just simple text which is scrolled from the bottom of the screen to the top of the screen. It was just a test! Please, don't make fun of me... :D

Download v1.1 (No test game)
Mirror (Thanks Neole!)

It's maybe still a bit buggy, but this way the bugs will be more easilly spotted. So, report right away if you find a bug! The test game will be released separately later, because it's quite buggy at the moment. I'll post the changes list separately...


agsCreditz 2.0 Beta 1 has been released.

Tell me what you think!

Adventure Related Talk & Chat / Re:Waiting games...?
« on: 21 Feb 2003, 19:51 »
Yup... I forgot that... FoY should be in my list too...

Adventure Related Talk & Chat / Re:Waiting games...?
« on: 21 Feb 2003, 19:29 »
Yeah... quite nicely... a (properly) playable demo will be out in a month or two... :)
Website's at
or the english version:
Oh, and btw I've named it "The Search"... Pretty stupid name but anyway...

Adventure Related Talk & Chat / Re:Waiting games...?
« on: 21 Feb 2003, 19:23 »
Umm... well... Ignac 2, What time is it?, Pleurghburg: The Asylum, PhoeniX: Portal of Time (my cousins game), Waldo(! :D)...

I'm waiting for those the most, but I can't pick the game I'm waiting for the most, because... :P

Modules & Plugins / Re:AGS: SnowRain PlugIn [v2.0]
« on: 03 Feb 2003, 18:56 »
Wow... Finally! :D

I can't wait to test it... I'll give you some feedback once I've tested it... :)


That's great!! Wow, I love it!! :D
I'll definately use this in my game! :D
Great job!!!

Of course I'm working on it every now and then... What, do you think it's done now? :D
No, never!

And sorry about that link... I guess I fell asleep while doing that... :)

And some more news:

1. I've added two new features, which are editing and deleting OC's. This are still quite buggy.

2. I've added some new items to the popup menu. These are copy, cut, paste, delete, select all, copy line, delete line.

3. Now you can select OC's as Quick Commands.

4. I've added undo and redo to the menu. These don't work with delete line.

5. I've changed Game memo's projects to files. So, Set projects is now Set files etc.

That's all... And if have any suggestions, please post them.

Wow... sounds really cool... except for the hour's download...

Scorpiorus, Ionias and Trapezoid: Thanks!!!

Cornjob: Thanks!

About the auto-completion: the auto-completion component, that I have needs to be launched by pressing a specified key, so that won't be the same as in the built-in editor, if I'll add it, but I'll try my best in finding a way to make it more user-friendly.

About the game memo: I'll see what I can do.

Jannar: what?

Spyros: Thanks! The Own command editing would be quite tricky for me. Just like deleting them, so this won't be coming so soon... I could make another list to the Set Quickies dialog, where you could choose also own commands as quickies. I'll see what I can do.

RickJ: Thanks!!

1. Hey... come on... that's almost six months old thing... :D

2. I just thought of just one file per project, so it'd be easy and fast to access with a shortcut key from the editor. Hmm... what should I do?

3. Now you made me really confused.

4. Stupid SynEdit component doesn't seem to have that feature though it even has that column for it...

Thanks to you all!!!

Finally I can smile again... ;D


Well, there is a popup menu, but there are only the Quick Commands, so it won't pop up, if you haven't set any Quickies...

Slow... Hmm... I'll see what I can do... Are you sure it's not only with the Add Command menu?

-EDIT 2-

Btw, what do you think of the "Game memo"? I thought it'd be very useful... At least for me :D

And now, my friends, to the event you've all been waiting for... the release of ScriptEditor v1.6!!!! So, sit back and read what's new in this version...

- Syntax highlighting
- New find and replace functions
- New "line-level-thingy", which was
  included in the SynEdit editor component.
- Some other changes for SynEdit to
- Removed editor max length from the
- Added "Game memo", where you can
  easily save information of your
  current projects.
- Removed the Delete page from the
  Own Command creator.

What more were you expecting? If I can't get you guys away from the AGS's built-in editor with this one, I never will. More suggestions? Can you find bugs?


Well, I guess you were expecting the download url... :)
Sorry, my mistake... Here it is:

Critics' Lounge / Re:ScriptEditor v1.4
« on: 03 Dec 2002, 17:28 »
ScriptEditor v1.45 has been released!

- "On error goto line X" works
  perfectly, thanks to a-v-o.
- Updated for AGS 2.52
- Removed AddCommand from Popup-menu.
- Added Shortcuts for Recent Commands
  and Quick Commands.

I'm still working on the colors... You'll know when I get 'em working coz that version will be 1.6... ;)

If you have troubles finishing RB I, II or III, you can download a hint file from There you can also download the hint file viewer made by me. And it's completely FREE!

You can find the hint files created for AHS from it's websites Hint list. Now larrywilco_hint.csf can be downloaded from there also.

Critics' Lounge / Re:ScriptEditor v1.4
« on: 26 Oct 2002, 14:33 »
Jannar: Yeah, it'd be useful... But I don't know how I could do that...

Critics' Lounge / Re:ScriptEditor v1.4
« on: 24 Oct 2002, 15:03 »
Maybe next week???? Well, here's v1.4.

- Unlimited Own Commands
- A few "cosmetic" changes
- New OC.txt
- almost 100kb smaller filesize!!!
- "Extra parameter" support for DisplaySpeech and StrFormat (ie. DisplaySpeech(EGO,"That's a %s", item);)

Tell me if you find bugs...

Critics' Lounge / Re:ScriptEditor v1.35
« on: 23 Oct 2002, 16:20 »
So, here's the newest version 1.35. The only new thing about this version is that it has been updated for AGS v2.51...

Just noticed these two things in the readme file:
-The title should be : v1.35 instead of 1.21 and for AGS v2.51 instead of 2.4b
-The newest version's changes should be: Updated for AGS 1.51 instead of 1.51 beta 2

Download here:

I've currently worked a bit on AGS Hint System (check hint forum). The unlimited OC works, but I'll still have to put it in the ScriptEditor. This will take time. But if I work hard and everything works, I guess it could be released maybe next week...?

Critics' Lounge / Re:ScriptEditor v1.32
« on: 22 Oct 2002, 17:46 »
Sorry, m0ds... But nobody ever locked the old topic (which has been deleted... :'() and some said this is really the only place where I could post this. Because:

1. I want opinions of ScriptEditor and suggestions of improving it
2. Annoucement forum is for games
3. Tech forums are for technical questions
4. General forum is for non-AGS chat
5. AGS talk forum is for talking of AGS

So....? Where should I have posted this?

To the real news

I've been making a new system for OwnCommands and it can also be used with the AGS functions's files (data1.dat & data2.dat). This would allow unlimited number of OwnCommands and the AGS functions could be manually edited (useful if you wanna make translations, which you obviously don't). If this will be added to ScriptEditor, I would need maybe two voluntaries to change data1.dat's and data2.dat's contents to work with this new system (this is really slow and boring).

And maybe if someone's interested, I could make a system which you could use to translate ScriptEditor's menus to your language.

So, The good old topic has been deleted... Well, I'll update ScriptEditor to v1.35 when AGS 2.51 is released. In the meantime, you can get the ScriptEditor from

Is anybody using it anymore?
I am. Anybody got any suggestions anymore?

Finally!!! :D

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