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Having just posted my own finished game I decided to read through this thread.  I find it interesting (and maybe says a lot about this AGS based forum!) that so many of you prefer the older style third person adventures.  I have played a number of those listed, but for me they will always come second to a good first person immersive game (having just completed a third person game myself!)  I wish I had the technical resources and the time to make a good first person game, but the one I've just finished took over three years!

The first PC game I played was Myst, followed by Riven.  This spoilt me for most of the others!  Of those already mentioned, I enjoyed Zork, Grand Inquisitor, and Gabriel Knight 2, but I want to tell you about a few that have not yet been listed.  All are good first person games.

The Journeyman Project 2 & 3:
Both are good and it is worth playing 2 (Buried In Time) before 3 as it leads into the third game (I played 3 first, but still enjoyed playing 2 afterwards).  Game 3 (The Legacy of Time) is one of the most enjoyable that I have played (I have enjoyed playing more than once!)  It has one of the best 360 view and movement systems that I have encountered, and the puzzles are very good, with a built in hint system (Arthur) if you get stuck.

Byzantne, the Betrayal:
A game with photographic 360 screens and live actors, giving it a good sense of realism.  Set in modern Turkey, but with a device that allows access to the past in certain places.  Good puzzles and an intriguing plot.  Probably difficult to find now, but maybe on ebay, where I have pickd up one or two older games at reasonable cost.

Riddle of the Sphinx:
A game that lets you explore (imaginary) hidden tunnels and treasure filled rooms beneath the Great Pyramid.  The detail of the ancient Egyptian settings and objects is very good, and the game play is engaging.

A fantasy trip to an Amazon like forest, with strange devices and even stranger animals.  I found both the atmosphere and the puzzles very good.

A bit of a rarity - I learnt about it by chance and then tracked it down on ebay.  Set on an abandoned ship trapped in the Arctic ice, it is atmospheric and fascinating, with good puzzles.

This is a game created by an individual (Knut Muller) rather than a commercial studio, and shows just what someone like us can achieve!  The graphics are a little less sophisiticated that most commercial games, but he has created a world that I really enjoyed exploring, with excellent puzzles.

I hope that some of you will be tempted to try one or two of the above.  I have just started The Black Mirror, so I hope it is as good as some of you have claimed!

Good gaming

Completed Game Announcements / Re: Once Upon A Time
« on: 25 Feb 2008, 10:33 »
Hello All

I must applogoise for the disappearing tiles.  I had an email from CodeJunkie yesterday telling me about this problem.  I have managed to fix it, but it was a bit late last night to post (and my partner needed her dinner etc).

I have now uploaded a revised version of the game to the web site - Version 1a.  But those of you who don't want the bother of downloading it again, the exsting version is okay if you only remove one tile at a time from the door surround and put it somewhere else before picking up another one.  Sorry!

If you prefer to download the new version but don't want to lose any saved games, if you copy the saved game file(s) - agssave.000, etc  - and paste them into the new folder once you have extracted the files, this should work (it does for me!)

I hope that you are all enjoying the game apart from my little oversight with the tiles (in all my test plays it never occurred to me to try to pick up more than one tile at a time!).  Thank you all for you lovely comments.


Completed Game Announcements / Once Upon A Time
« on: 24 Feb 2008, 17:31 »
Hello All

I have just added my first game to the completed games list and hope that some of you will try it out.  It's called ONCE UPON A TIME and is a point and click adventure.  It is a long game and took me over three yeas to complete, and is a rather large download (67.2MB)  But I think you might find it worth trying if you have boadband.

At least, have a look at the web site I have set up, where you can download the game if you wish:

I am not used to posting on forums and suchlike, and I seem to have messed up a bit when adding my game.  I forgot to add a password (it did'nt make it mandatory!) and now I can't edit the entry to add a link to a screenshot!  If anyone knows a way around this, I would be grateful for help.

I welcome all constructive criticism and comments.

Elen (elentgirl)

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