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Hints & Tips / Re: Adventure - Welcome to the genre
« on: 26 May 2018, 10:13 »
Hello Mandle
I believe you just have to:

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 keep switching the camera view over and over quickly until he says it's making him dizzy.

Many thanks - I would never have thought of doing that!  Maybe a hint in the game might help?

Hints & Tips / Re: Adventure - Welcome to the genre
« on: 25 May 2018, 22:11 »
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I've reached Gus Greenbritches, and I guessed that I probably had to ask him a few times to get him to help me.  This has been confirmed by your walkthrough and a comment in this thread.  I have to zoom in and ask him, then zoom out again - repeat?  My question is, how many times do I need to do this?  I have tried at least a dozen times without success.

Many thanks,

Site & Forum Reports / Re: Broken game links
« on: 23 May 2018, 22:13 »
I noticed my game, Out of Gas, is marked as broken, but the link works just fine (Mediafire). Maybe someone either hates MediaFire or they clicked during a down time?

Maybe there could be a button/icon on the editing page of each game, where it shows the game has been marked at having a broken link, to which the game author could then check the link and click it "Fixed" or "report fixed"... ?
I only noticed cause I was looking on the games list for a game... I don't see any "broken link" when on the Games page nor have I gotten a notification about it being broken.
I would like to second Cassiebsg's suggestion - exactly the same thing has happened to my game "Adventure Island" (http://www.adventuregamestudio.co.uk/site/games/game/1688/).  The link functions perfectly when I try it.

I think that one of the reasons we love adventure games is that feeling of having figured something out that was not immediately obvious.

That rush you got when you realized shining the flashlight on the bats in The Dig would panic them (God, I was stuck for soooo long before I suddenly remembered that Brink hates bats and that I had a way to wake them up)... Those moments are golden!

There has been a lot of erudite analysis of Point & Click Adventure games on this thread, but I think Mandle has made the most relevant point about the genre.  I play Adventure games because I enjoy exploring an interesting environment and working our how to solve the various puzzles that allow me to progress.  Although an Adventure game needs  some sort of story (or mystery to solve) to make it more than just a random collection of puzzles, a good story without puzzles is NOT an Adventure game in my book.  I also make Point & Click Adventure games, and I try to make them as interesting and challenging for the player as I can.  AGS is a God send in that it allows me to do this - all on my own - without the need of an expensive team to assist me.  I make the games because I enjoy making them, and my only objective beyond that is to make games that people like me will enjoy playing.

I also think Point & Click is unfairly criticised.  Some versions are rather clunky, but at its best it is a quick and simple way to navigate a game that does not require the player to run, jump or climb all over the place.  A dynamic cursor can make using the interface very easy.  In my opinion, only something like Virtual Reality - where you can look around and use your hand to manipulate things - will fully replace Point & Click for puzzle Adventure games.  That's for the future, as far as I'm concerned. I hate having to fumble with a keyboard to get aroung a game, all I need is a computer screen and a mouse.  Then I'm in the world of the game, trying to solve its nysteries!

I started this thread in April this year and estimated that the game would take about two years to complete.  Well, I seem to be on track!  I reckon it will be ready for release late spring or early summer next year (2018), and ready to put out for testing early in the new year.

Artwork is very nearly finished, with just a couple of fairly demanding animations to add.
Programming is just about complete and I'm currently doing a test play-through of the game.
Sound effects and music still need to be added.

I've added a few more screenshots to whet your appetites.  There are a number of doors and gates which need to be opened in The Clockwork Labyrinth and I've shown a few below.  I hope you enjoy them!

I especially enjoyed all the game, book, and movie references/homages/easter eggs! I can't wait to see what is in store with The Clockwork Labyrinth :)

I'm really pleased that you enjoyed Adventure Island.  It was conceived as a fun game to celebrate the games and films that I love, with it's tongue firmly in its cheek!  (laugh)  I hope you will not be disappointed by The Clockwork Labyrith.  There will be humour in it, but of a more subtle kind.  It is a smaller game than Adventure Island, and built more around the puzzles.

:shocked: I didn't even know there's a limit on active rooms (what's an active room?). How many rooms is the limit then?

According to the system limits in the manual, there are 299 state saving rooms.  I understand this to mean rooms in which the progress of the player (whether a hotspot has been looked at, etc) is saved for future visits to that room.  Presumably you can have more than 299 rooms as long as they are 'inactive'.

Thank you all for you positive comments - you have encouraged me to crack on with completing the game.  I'm currently in the Crypt and working my way out!  (laugh)

And, by the way, if anyone reading this has not played Adventure Island, by this same author, but loves games with atmosphere, a loveable player character, a feeling of wonder, and really, REALLY well-designed puzzles: What are you waiting for?!

Thank you Mandle.  Maybe I should employ you as my marketing manager!! (laugh)

Put me at the top of the list for pre-alpha testing! Hell, send me a link of whatever you have so far and I'll start testing next week! (Busy with crunch time for a commercial release this week ;) )

Mandle, you are top of my list of prospective testers, but I'm afraid you will have to wait a little while.  I'm working as quickly as I can!  :)

Hello elentgirl!
The screenshots vanished from photobucket, only error messages for all of them..

I'm afraid I don't understand the problem.  The screenshots are all present and I downloaded one successfully to see it that was the problem.  What were you trying to do?  I don't know Photobucket very well and I only use it because AGS doesn't seem to like my preferred on-line storage site.

I started this thread in April, and I've just added a new post with further updates and screenshots

It's been a few yeas since I launched my last game, Adventure Island.  That took me five years to complete, and I was unsure whether I would make another game, but a year ago I had an idea for a new first person, point-and-click puzzle adventure.  This is something I've wanted to try to do for a long while, but I was deterred by the AGS limit on active rooms.  However, another AGS programmer gave me the idea of using the multiple backgrounds for rooms, which enlarges the number of available screens fivefold.

The Clockwork Labyrinth will be a unique puzzle adventure, a surreal mix of Gothic, Steampunk, ancient civilisations and fairground kitch, with a broad range of challenges, from simple fun games to more complex, interconnected puzzles.  A mysterious message on social media lures you into a weird underground complex to rescue a damsel in distress.  You must pit your wits against the Clockwork Labyrinth and find your way to the enigma at its heart.

When I started the game I estimated that it would take me three years to finish, but after only a year I am more advanced than I expected to be.  Most of the backgrounds and much of the programming is complete for three of the five game sections, including the largest.  All the puzzles have been planned, with graphics and animations done for a number.  I now anticipate my game being ready for Beta testing in around another year.

I have attached a few screenshots below, and will report further progress nearer to release.

The way in is guarded by a slightly sinister clown.

One of many fun puzzles in the Metal Maze.

The door to the museum.

Inside the Caves of Confusion.

The Tomb of Marissandra.

Many thanks :)

I have just noticed that in the AGS database my game, Adventure Island (No. 1688) is shown with the message 'download link broken'.  I tested the link and it is still working as it should.  Perhaps the message could be removed as it could put off people from trying to download it.
Many thanks,

Hello Haroldw

Thank you for your comments.  I tend to agree with you about games masquerading as adventure games that are not what I call an adventure game, but that may reflect my personal taste rather than any objective situation.  I quite like playing the occasional hidden object game, though I agree that they are not strictly adventure games.  I did think of including a hidden object puzzle in a game I was considering.  I've never played an escape-the-room game, but you could say the Black Dog attic part of my game includes an escape-the-room element!  There are also plenty of allusions to RPG games in the Fantasia section of my game, though it's not RPG itself.

My pet hate is including action elements in adventure games.  It has become quite common with 3D games to include running and jumping as part of the gameplay.  I find it very frustrating to keep trying and failing to jump a gap or run fast enough to escape a pursuing nasty (I'm pretty rusbish at that sort of quick response).  I don't mind some elements requiring a bit of skill - like shooting - so long as getting it right is not essential to complete the game.  In my shooting gallery section I allowed the players to get the prize anyway if they failed after six attempts.

For me, the essence of a good adventure game is exploring interesting environments and solving puzzles (even slider puzzles! (laugh)).

PS. Do you have any completed games?  I'd be interested in looking at one if you have.

Yaaaaaay! Now more people will get to share in the awesomeness that is Adventure Island!

Thank you, Mandle - that's exactly why I've been pushing to get my game more widely known.  I made Adventure Island as the sort of game I love to play, and I hope that others will get as much enjoyment from it as I did making it.

Thank you also for the glowing recommendation - you are my game's Number One fan!

I'm very pleased that Zodiac Store have agreed to take on my point-and-click game - Adventure Island. ;-D
If you'd like to take a look at the Zodiac page, you can do so   here

Of course, my game is also available to download from the AGS database here

I was actually just thinking today that I should go back and replay it sometime soon, so thank you so much for the perfect extra kick to do so!

Hello Mandle
Thanks for your endorsement of my game.  I hope you enjoy it as much a second time around.  Something for you to look out for - there's a blue cup somewhere in each section except the finale in the tower. ;) My personal homage to AGS.

A new version of my adventure game, Adventure Island, is now available.  In response to feedback from those of you who have played my game, I have increased the number of save slots.  I have also added extra animation and made a few other tweaks.  This version also fixes a few minor bugs.

Adventure Island is a light hearted homage to 'point-and-click' adventure games.   In the sand of Adventure Island you will find the footprints of classic games such as Myst, Atlantis, Black Mirror, Syberia, Broken Sword, Monkey Island, The Dig, The Journeyman Project, and many more.  The game offers a spectrum of puzzles of varying difficulty, set in a variety of exotic locations, and a number of odd characters to interact with.  It's received positive reviews and has been rated four orange cups.

I have added Version 3 to the AGS games database: here

A video trailer for Adventure Island can be viewed: here

Hints & Tips / Re: Adventure Island
« on: 15 Nov 2015, 09:49 »
I gotta stop coming to this hints thread. I'm trying to completely forget this game...

So I can play it again one day, because it's freakin' AWESOME!!!
Thank you Mandle
I really appreciate your continued support.  I made this game out of love for the genre and I want as many people as possible to enjoy it.  I'm always happy to offer help to anyone stuck, and if I don't respond to a query on this thread (I don't monitor the AGS pages all the time) please send a PM.  I will always respond to that.
Good luck to you all,

Hints & Tips / Re: Adventure Island
« on: 13 Nov 2015, 08:51 »
I'm stuck in the time traveling thingy in the small TSA building outside. I try to replace the middle ball in the cathedral with a copy but the game won't let me. It keeps telling me: "I can see no point in replacing that with the stored artifact!" If I just want to store the artifact the game tells me that you can only store one artifact at a time. But as far as I know I don't have any artifact stored! What do I do wrong?
Hello tsa

Is it coincidence that your AGS ID is the same as the intitials in my game?  From what you have posted it sounds as if you stored one of the other balls before you tried to store the middle one.  Try doing this:
Spoiler: ShowHide

Check each of the other balls with the scanning probe.  If they are the original balls the analysis will say that they are made of local quartz, but if one has already been stored it will read, made of TSA composite.  If this is the case, replace it with the stored ball, which should return that ball to its original analysis and clear the temporal store.

If this doesn't work, let me know, with as much detail as possible please.  I'm always conscious that there my be hidden bugs still lurking in my code.
Good luck

Hints & Tips / Re: Echoes of the Past
« on: 05 Jun 2015, 14:43 »
I am stuck with Kyle in the temple of Suten-hem-he.
Spoiler: ShowHide

I have all the coloured scarabs except the one from the statue that I need to feed with a pomegranite and wine.  I have obtained the pomegranite from the market stall, but I find (from consulting the walkthrough) that I also need grapes from there to make wine.  Unfortunately Kyle will no longer interract with the woman on the stall.  In the walkthrough it suggests getting the grapes before the pomegranite. Does that mean that I will have to re-play the whole temple sequence from my previous save point before entering the temple?  Is there any other way to get the grapes?

Many thanks,

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