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I never understood fishing unless you really like to eat what you catch. I know pretty well how to fish (father taught me) and some of my friends invite me to fishing trips, but I just don't get it. If I'm not eating them, why catch them? But I don't have moral qualms about killing fish - if I had a cat, I would gladly fish to feed it. Fishing games, however, feel like waste of time, just like snooker or bowling or whatever. It's wiser to do it in real life and benefit from social side of it or nature and fresh air or whatever.

Actually my thoughts are outdated.

Everyone loves Minecraft, a game with procedural worlds. All that's human there is algorithm that creates random world, but I see zero reason why good AI couldn't use even more advanced mathematics, coupled with wide (sampled) knowledge of nature to create much more immersive worlds. And amount of procedural games out there has been growing all the time. Isn't this machine art for human consumption?

Put simply, having all of the books, or art, or 54-pixel sprites possible is useless without knowing which sprite is the right one.  And if you know which sprite is the right one, it's a waste of time to search through all possible sprites. 

Isn't "right" defined by us and generally still by some common arguments? We all agree that snot and dirt is gross, three act story is exiting and one of the best ways to make fiction, brown and green do not go together well, and so on? Music is incredibly formulaic nowadays, I see zero reason why machines couldn't make trance or dubstep and tweak it to the perfection (because science of pleasurable melodies, chords and scales also exists and it's pretty universal. There was even a video few years ago where tons of pop songs are shown to have same melody). Also, with a learning machine, you can just let machine sample insane amounts of media AND it's ratings by people and draw conclusions. Think ratings on goodreads.com, imdb, amazon, beatport, imgur or even facebook likes.

One thing internet did, was letting us very precisely rate and review everything out there and we do it really, really much, basically laying guidelines for AI to learn from.

General Discussion / Re: Desura is bankrupt
« on: 05 Jul 2015, 20:11 »
I'd suggest Itch.io - you can make it free or sell it, completely up to you.

On the Desura front... I think it's quite a big loss to the indie community.  In particular, their "Alpha Funding" idea was pretty innovative at the time.

Itch.io is perfect example why we don't really need Desura and why it's not all that big of a loss. Desura was cramped, too strict and outdated. Plus, it duplicated Steam, while Steam is already booming with indie titles.

I think it'll be just extremely, extremely good at optimization. So even if it's built by humans and fallible as us, it'll fix its own problems soon. Therefore, it won't be fallible at some point, and most definitely not driven to same motivations that drive humans. Survival instinct, emotion and so on. So, perhaps its only pre-programmed, firmwared motivation would be to serve humans. So why should it have any random or unknown alignment towards planet or humans? It'll be just a really cool computer that can do anything, invent stuff and answer questions. Also, a superior management tool, either for industry, banking or military.

It could devalue all art, because billion variations of Mona Lisa or whatever will be determined by time it takes paint to dry.

I've been thinking to program a simple brute force applet that fills 16x16 pixel canvas with all possible variations of all pixels of 54 colors of NES palette. Although this is really easy to code for even a beginner in any programming language...  mathematically I'm unable to calculate what insane time it would take to end its run (at current technology, millenniums?. In the end, you should have every sprite in those limits (Nintendo Entertainment System) ever drawn, and also all possible variations of everything. Mario with barrel for a head, Mario with feet of Peach and so on and so on.

Imagine something like this given at larger scale to a really powerful machine that is also superior at self-optimization so you wouldn't have millions of brute-forced images that make no sense (every pixel is black, now all is black, but one is white, so on), just all art ever created.

Music is also mostly maths and waves. Could we make AI brute force all music ever? All sound ever? At which point do machines start to make perfect things? Perfect as perfectly optimized for human consumption. Most captivating music, most tasty food (or best averaged for what we call difference of taste over human population), etc?

Art is ode to amazing human capabilities. So perhaps it'll demotivate instead of devalue, but still

I think only thing standing in our way is that learning machines use statistics. While it's good for machine to recognize images that doesn't have same checksum/color/angle/lighting/whatever as images of same thing, this also makes machines fallible and humans - yet - seem to ignore such little distinctions while getting correct answer, much better.

Critics' Lounge / Re: Need advice on design
« on: 26 Feb 2015, 11:54 »
Hm. I don't feel like this game would benefit from jungle or haunted house theme, this isn't quite Zuma. The basic premise is somewhat physics-related. Original game had spacey feel and sci-fi-ish soundtrack.
Maybe neon-on-white feel like different header renders on my website? Feels like a Portal a bit to me?

Critics' Lounge / Need advice on design
« on: 25 Feb 2015, 08:17 »
Hi, CL over looong time!
I've managed to land myself into a bit of trouble. In July last year, I released a puzzle game named Pall. It was a logic game, roughly based on Laser Light (MS-DOS).
It looked like this:

As you can see, there's some stuff going on, but it isn't very clear if it's any fun or what's going on at all. Now see the trailer:

Website for further interest

Trailer, despite breaking YouTube 15-second immersion rule, shows what goes on much better. It shows that everything's much more alive and animated than screenshots would suggest, that background uses parallax movement and so on. Sadly, despite being on every imaginable platform except iOS, Pall was absolute flop. I had 7000 players, and 6940 of them chinese pirates. While most of the problems lie in lack of (and inability to do) marketing (keywords Android + Puzzle fires all spam filters for every journalist, screenshots look boring) and my blue-eyed belief that "if there's a quality product, people are willing to pay for it" (they do not on mobile market!), I'm also not satisfied with graphic style, hence this thread.

I'm still not done with Pall. A sequel is almost done, but I want to lose the pixellated, lifeless retro look and actually make use of color wheels and theory, and make it look fresher.
While I originally liked my art direction of first game very much - and was close to taking it even further and make everything in glorious 4-color cyan-purple-black-white CGA, audience did not like even current look (from as little feedback as I got).

So, as title says, I need some advice. Ideas. Vision. I've been experimenting with barebone shapes and almost no colors (See video), but on static screenshots it looks even more lifeless.

Generally, Pall isn't very complicated game. There's only 20-or-so setpieces that should have stylized, recognizable look.

Some of the game pieces. Sorry, glass corner isn't very visible due alpha.

What I need is a way to draw them in a way where they are still recognizable, but look significantly better. I also decided to up the size from original 48x48 to 96x96 pixels (or even 128x128), so I can add more detail and upscaling on various devices hurts less.

Does this make any sense?

Sorry for the wall of text, I've been thinking about this problem for months now while rewriting engine and I'm getting quite desperate :undecided:

Nice background! Only thing I'd do is this:

Brightness up by 15%
Contrast up by 35%

Right now it just feels too dark, and if your monitor doesn't have brightness cranked to the max, some details will just get lost. It also doesn't feel like sunny day being so dark.
EDIT: Also replace texture on dog kennel. It looks more like bad case of UV wrapping than wood/planks.
This background is excellent example of 3D not needing shadows, but I would experiment with more(?) Ambient Occlusion, if your software can do some. Some soft AO wouldn't break concept of no hard shadows nor make you need to add any to your character (which would be complicated, I guess).

General Discussion / Re: New Years Resolutions?
« on: 05 Jan 2015, 07:47 »
Make and actually finish an adventure game over loooong time.
Most likely a fangame/heavily inspired by KGB, because that's something I've wanted to do for a decade by now, just never got to making it.
Won't be using AGS for this, though, I have good portion of the original engine made in Game Maker already.

It's actually a mystery why normal mapping in took 15 years to reach 2D games, while technology has been there so long and widely used in 3D. Advent of shader technology?
And why it's still basically at kickstarter/indie level, instead of being a norm

I tried Game Maker, but it looks too simple


I don't even understand what that means. GM can do everything, compile to everything, and no, it's not "too simple" at any level.
You probably looked at all those "make something do something" drag & drop icons and thought that that's all there is. Nope. Icons are to help absolutely green people, like schoolkids to get general idea what can be done and should be done.

Nobody doing anything serious or even semi-serious uses those. Only icon you ever need is "execute a piece of code".
Also, you can make your own AGS, with almost full functionality in GM in bare days. I don't think there's anything more powerful, logical and capable out there right now. GM has gone long way since 1999, just like AGS.

I suggest you to try again and dig deeper with GM. Youtube offers a good start, since GM is probably the engine that has most amount of tutorials, examples and otherwise resources out there. Even more than Unity.

General Discussion / Re: Ask something - We can help.
« on: 01 Dec 2013, 16:36 »
That, indeed, look like an awesome cover mockup.

General Discussion / Re: Ask something - We can help.
« on: 28 Nov 2013, 11:13 »
Why does emboss filter exist in graphics software?

I kind of understand what it does and where does it get its name, but "it makes stuff look like it's embossed into metal" doesn't sound either practical at any level or situation, nor does it look good enough to be one of must-have vanilla filters.

...or is it just "Hello World!" of shader/filter programming? Pixel processing logic seems simple enough...?
What am I missing?

General Discussion / Re: National comic strips / books
« on: 10 Oct 2013, 08:46 »
Pesakond (litter/brood) is sometimes quite funny, although it's pretty random--
It's about rude alcoholic woodland animals

Hedgehog: I wanted to tell you something, but forgot
Wolf: Well, fuck off then
Hedgehog: Exactly what it was! Fuck you too
Wolf: Share a taxicab?

Wolf: We could praise the Bear for a change?
Hedgehog: Yeah
Rabbit: Bear, get your ass over here!

Wolf: You made it so quickly!
Hedgehog: Yeah
Rabbit: Well done, now fuck off

You made me think that their was an Elder Scroll movie, now I am disappointed.
Someone should pay that guy who made the LotRs film trilogy to make some fantasy film(s) based on TES. Or maybe we could have a TV series.

Yeah, that guy, what a fine choice.
Elder Scrolls: Trip from Leyawiin to Anvil while nothing happens, spun over 6 seasons of TV show

Re-enacting this in game would at least have occasional wolf or khajiit robber to slay, in addition to fine music and scenery

Coming back to the real topic, I cannot understand what people liked about Oblivion, the movie. I found it mediocre sci-fi at best, even though gfx was really pretty at times

Now how exactly is selling hope for better future a fraud?
Spoiler: ShowHide
isn't that what every major religion, ever, does?

Especially if it comes with awesome sticker or key chain?
And you cannot really go for truth and start Indiegogo project named "Stress & Planetary Guilt relief for 7K"
Those 286 or whatever people want to feel that they made a change and helped towards better planet.
I think they got what they paid for, no matter if he succeeds to pick up a physics textbook or not

I'd fund this project if he'd die mysteriously. But then again, it wouldn't be of any use anymore.

General Discussion / Re: Ask something - We can help.
« on: 21 Sep 2013, 12:05 »
thanks :smiley:

General Discussion / Re: Ask something - We can help.
« on: 21 Sep 2013, 07:11 »
How do I put this parabola into single line of code (function)?

Want to make a shop in my RPG experiment where strength of a horse is tied to its age. Age 8 should be the peak for strength

General Discussion / Re: GTA V
« on: 19 Sep 2013, 15:38 »
I don't own a console, and have no plans on getting one, so I keep wondering if they will release it on PC anytime in the future :-\

General Discussion / Re: Ask something - We can help.
« on: 16 Sep 2013, 09:27 »
Yes, but I'm wondering about what is physically behind it, why you cannot simulate everything for 5000 players?

Or let me rephrase
Why is Doom II from 1995 more or less at same level from technical standpoint (like number of players) as games in 2013? Why haven't we moved forward? Technology sure has! And enormous maps aren't anything new either, think GTA or ARMA, for example
Sounds like there's some weird limit here technology hasn't passed... for 18 years

I've been thinking about it all day (without doing actual research) and tried to crack this down. Only simple explanation that makes sense me goes like this:
Player 1 shoots a gun
Server relays that information to player 2
Server relays that information to player 3

and if relay takes 1ms and there's 5000 players, last player would have 5-second lag. Because software/processor does linear operations which means it cannot relay to everyone at once

How far is that theory from truth? Or is it just reduced by faster server/connections?
I cannot really imagine how fast could a server relay anything, but I guess speed of light should be the top limit (if we'd have directed lasers instead of cables and thus no electric resistance or something)

Design standpoints I know. For example, player models in 3D games tend to take up most of the poly budget. The more players, the heavier drawing gets.
And of course server with 5K players is harder do moderate and whatnot

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