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1) I had a big problem because S3M didn't play with windows version of AGS. Now It's fixed by converting my songs into XM-format. But before I did that, all my
songs were in MP3 format. And there's the thing --
With MP3-s game size was 12 MB, now -- with XM instead, it should be much smaller after compiling and rebuilding VOX --  but It's not!  >:(

I checked that and found out that music.vox-file is still there. I deleted it manually, everything seems to be fine now. It's not much of a bug, but useful to know.

2) I know It's not right place to ask it, but where is?
-- I REALLY want to put my game up there as soon It's ready. Problem is that it's going to be a big one. About 20-30 MB I think. What are the ways to make my game smaller? I'm using as small sprites as possible and background gfx in PCX-format. Is that right? Does this site have any maximum size for games show here?
I guess not, as far there's only links up there, but I ask that to be sure!  ??? This site needs *complete* FAQ, I think.  ;)

3) And final question - Game Announcements forum - are games listed there all also up on games download section, or is this just another way to show your game?

Advanced Technical Forum / Re:A slider crash!
« on: 11 Jun 2003, 22:35 »
Oh, I'm sorry that I started this topic and wasted your time, CJ. I just didn't know that slider is controlled as
(button == x) and just thought I don't need any
checking for slider. It's fixed now, according to AGS Demo Game.

Advanced Technical Forum / Re:Another annoying suggestion
« on: 11 Jun 2003, 22:32 »
Yeah, external editor can't be  too difficult to do.
Visual Basic perhaps?  ;)
But then again -- who has time to mess with that?

Advanced Technical Forum / Another annoying suggestion
« on: 10 Jun 2003, 01:22 »
1) First, silly one.
Is there any way to make a Dialog Editor better so it's GRAPHICAL and lot easier to use.
Dialogs are like algorithms so they can be shown
in schematic view.  Like schematic view in 3ds max, for example.

So making them graphical makes dialog scripting 90% easier, users can track all their option-on/off commands and everything. This will become extremely handy when having long dialogs.

2) Second, not so bad one
Another thing what could be improved is to add some commands for GlobalInts into dialog scripts, too.
Run-Script command can do that, but switching between two scripts makes things messy.

3) Third. USeful for lazy people. Like me.
When creating new dialog options (like things to be said), those @int things will be automatically added into script. Why cant there automatically be the option to be selected text as remarks? Something like if
i create first dialog option with text "Um, Hi"
then into script automatically goes line
@1  // "Um, Hi"

How about that?

Advanced Technical Forum / A slider crash!
« on: 09 Jun 2003, 22:38 »
Made a new GUI for game settings.
Added a slider and modified the slider spinner image, putting 8x8 sprite there.

 In script, slider should change SetMusicMasterVolume (at the moment when "return" button (also on this gui)) is pressed (just before InterfaceOff command), and set the volume according to slider value.

But in game, moving slider just crashes the game and returns to  Windows.

No error messages nor anything else like that is displayed and game compiles normally.
What's wrong? (Ags 2.55)  ???

Am I really stupid to have some script misktake somewhere or does anyone else met same problem?

Advanced Technical Forum / suggestions'n'stuff
« on: 07 Jun 2003, 02:02 »
Ok, I at least HOPE that someone actually READ what I'm tying to say ???. There's some things CJ could improve in future releases of this magnificent engine.

* Better GUI management -- I just made a new GUI
for my half-3D adventure (which will soon give a good competition to all others uploaded here) and when
I tried to make a new GUI button, my finger slipped
on mouse button, released it, and now i have 3x30!
size button on my gui. Too bad I can't select it, so
resizing or deleting is impossible. Think it's just too small for AGS to be selectable. Good that we can erase GUIs now, at last.

* Less confusion with relative sizes when creating GUIs and rooms. Why couldn't everything be in it's ACTUAL size? It can't be THAT hard to achive. but 320x240 instead of 640x480 makes things really messy. :-\

* This is more a question than suggestion --
ok, maybe not now, but in future - will AGS ever
have option to place/render LIGHTS? and SHADOWS?
Y'know, Pain(t) Shop Pro can do that. Why not AGS?
It could be soooooo nice to have some shadows under my characters. And light relative shadows -- this could be even nicer. I think i spotted a word about shadow plugin somewhere here -- am i wrong or there actually
IS that thing? I couldn't find this from plugins page, though.

* Bug? S3M files just don't get along with AGS-s Windows engine. What's wrong? I've heard messed up channels, instruments that even aren't in the song and other stuff like this. Usually, songs won't play at all! Just some quiet ticking is all i can hear.  >:(

Anyway, AGS is unbeatable leader of adventure game
designing world, so me and (thousands other people)
will always admire Chris's work and hope it'll be free forever.    ;)

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