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Critics' Lounge / Music- Jungle Skies - Shonen-Ai Guy
« on: 14 Apr 2008, 04:25 »
Here's the mp3 file direct link : Jungle Skies Mp3 .  EDIT BY SAG: The Flash Doesn't Work... Please download the mp3, and listen.

Sorry for earlier, I was attempting to use a 'flash mp3 player' that was faulty. -SAG

Yeah he is, I'm really in love with the Char design, specially the updated version done by Ben. And yes he's the main char. I've got some uploading to do, but I can show you the 'complete' turnaround set if you'd like. As for the walkies (they're gonna make ME commit suicide uggh.)

Here's that turnaround!

Edit by ProgZ:  Please don't double post!

Critics' Lounge / Re: Midi for C&C
« on: 09 Mar 2008, 22:26 »
Rock on, thesuitor! Awesome! I'd love to hear how it sounds as an mp3, try that converter that Mods posted about in my thread.  http://www.hamienet.com/midi2mp3 it's easy! (and really cool) thx Mods!

Thanks alot for the comments guys, (sorry about the buggy unworking midi, I know that's frowned on in forums). Special thanks to you to you Mods, the Midi2Mp3 converter was seriously handy! (P.S. There's a resource page, with all kinds of art programs, but I can't find one with a list of SE and Midi tools! UNFAIR TREATMENT FOR ASPIRING MUSICIANS! LOL.) I've got a new one in MP3 format, (thanks again Mods) check for a new thread on it soon!
P.S. Twin Moon, I couldn't get your 'paintover' to load...wah... Mail it to me, ShonenAiGuy@live.com

Or perhaps "A. Cutter?" eh Psychopath? Actually I'm in the market for a good name, but I think Slitty McWrists might be a little too comical! Thanks for the comment though, Right now I'm still wrestling with walkcycles (which I'm not very good at.) But hope to have more with this Char in the FUTURE!

Hey, as far as music goes I'm a newbie but here's two Midi's I made.
What I really want to know, is what good programs are there for converting the 'midi' files into something a little better sounding.
A good synthesizer anyone? Anyways, here's the links.

Thanks Ben, you made them look like the sneakers I wanted. Now the trick becomes to animate the little bugger. Not an easy task since his walk can't be too 'perky' for sure.
To cap this thread. I thought I should show my progress, with some turnarounds I did. Thanks Everyone! Any further PM me or e-mail me at shonenaiguy@live.com ^-^

I agree with you completely dude, Emo and Goth are really pretty different groups. I consider the character 'emo' but some people say 'what's Emo?' while most people know what a Goth is. That's the only reason for the combined label... You could also add Punk, Skater and Indie. Those are similar too. (but this is a forum for critique, not sociology...lol) P.S. As for the shoes, if anyone has a edit? That could demonstrate a way to remove the 'sock' look from them... Much appreciated...

Damn sweet BEN! Why aren't you on your MSNGR? lol! How about doing one of those 12-framers your so good at for me! LOL

Yeah I decided to redraw a bit, (sorry if you didn't want that) and made it a bit wilder... More intimidating this way...

Critics' Lounge / Emo/Gothic Char for Critique/Redraw!
« on: 06 Mar 2008, 02:09 »
Here's an Emo/Gothic Char I'm thinking of using in a stylized game. However I'm not sure yet. Any suggestions? DRAW OVERS ARE WELCOME! ;D

Critics' Lounge / Re: Song C+C?
« on: 05 Mar 2008, 21:15 »
WOW! This is seriously awesome! I love it all the way around... You 'DEFINITELY' have a future in music dude! (maybe I'm easily impressed but I don't think so!) Only thing... My copy of 'WhenGothsCryfinal.mp3' ended somewhat abruptly? Did anyone else notice this or did I end up with a damaged copy? How long is the song? M:SS? -Minutes: Seconds?

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