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Critics' Lounge / Re: RogerRevamp
« on: 18 Oct 2011, 00:50 »
I think the arms are what gave the exaggerated effect too much, I have more than a few cartoon walk references lying around, that might have unduly influenced me.

Without further ado, v3:

v2 - 1xV3 - 1x

v2 - 4x v3 - 4x

I did a quick contrast adjustment, and more importantly changed the arms a bit, I think it makes worlds of difference.

Critics' Lounge / Re: RogerRevamp
« on: 17 Oct 2011, 21:20 »
I think I see what you mean, maybe it should be lazier, less like the athletic walk I referenced it from:


I can lazy it down I guess, I just don't want to lose the flavor. Maybe change the arms, and torso a bit, extend them away from the body... I dunno, it may be narcissistic but of all of them I still like mine the best.

Of all their 'strides' which feels more 'right' to you guys? Sq4, maybe?

Playing it now, and puzzle-wise it's really good. I'm relishing it.

I have found one flaw, though I guess it's more a flaw with 'me' than with the game.

I'm colorblind and can't tell the difference between the red/green they are so close to the same shade.
The only way I knew the difference was from the animation.

If you could make it where the mouse-over displayed the gem type, 'fire gem' 'earth gem' water gem' 'air gem' that would help so much.
And when you click on the center gem, if it could say something to let me know which element goes where?!

You can deduce by the swirl that water's south, air's east, but I can't tell the other two. Fire West/Earth north?

Critics' Lounge / Re: RogerRevamp
« on: 14 Oct 2011, 04:41 »
Yeah actually, they did. They updated it when they moved to a 640x480 environment. But it's kinda 'ugly' in my opinion.

click image for omnipedia source

Maybe I should attempt a redraw for the 640x480 design. (see below)

I do like the idea of a more 'line-art' style, would let me play with Chuck Jones, Tex Avery like influences.

If you meant 'up-treatment' as in improving the sprite past EGA, that's also also true.
However those sprites are drawn for 320x200 as opposed to 320x240, This is why they may appear 'thick' and 'squatty' and they sported a distinct 'over-saturated' palette.

Used their color choices, altered the design. elements bug me, the hands, the boots, the lighting, but this style is probably 'quicker' in it's simplicity.
Ah, choices, choices.

And more progress,


Simplified and cleaned up the shoulder shading, and tweaked the pointy boots to make them easier to animate.

Slight tweak to make head bob, and added torso compression.


Critics' Lounge / RogerRevamp
« on: 13 Oct 2011, 13:33 »

This is a prototype Roger Wilco, based on the classic Sierra version.
Similar proportions, similar style to the original.

I reduced the pal from Sierra-8 to a 5 shade gradient. I'm not sure about the contrast, thoughts?

He also seems a tad thick on the south-view, but all in all I'm satisfied.

I think it reads pretty well against backgrounds of varying lightness, but again, not sure on the contrast.

The light's upper-left, since it's directional, mirroring 'left/right' won't be possible, but I think it gives it contour, depth.

p.s. I think I may have 'vonstered' him a bit with the anatomy, but it's hot.

Critics' Lounge / Re: A small horror-ish tune
« on: 26 Sep 2011, 04:18 »
I liked it, it reminded me of the RE opening.

Think a little percussion might be in order, but that could just be the influence of the RE tune now going through my head.

How strict is the 'submerged' guideline.

For instance in 'The Day After Tomorrow' movie, the city is submerged under water but they spend very little of the actual movie 'in' the water.  It's more like they're isolated by it.

So for example would say someone trapped on an island?
Or stuck in a town with flooded roads count?

Would a trip on a cruise liner count? Or would it have to be a submarine.

Just want to clarify this point, before I put in any effort on a plot.

~<3 thanks heaps.

 ;D I just downloaded the old version this week. It'll be nice to have an improved interface. As I really want to make a fully 3d game in AGS.
I for one appreciate that this mod is still being worked on/updated.

Please keep up the work, and thanks.


These bugs/limitations are not documented anywhere I can find, so far:

You can't use frames stored above 32, at least in the MS3D format, if you try to use anything past 33 the character no longer animates and instead 'glides'.
//The 'glide' glitch, it did it to me again when I had reduced the animation to a 10 frame cycle, so there's something fishy there, but I don't know what yet.

Only true resolutions are supported. E.G. making the game 320x240 and blowing it up to 640x480 creates a major mouse coordinate error amongst other things.
Also it seems whatever the window size is that is what it renders at. E.G. If I set it at 320x240 and run it in x2 antialias it still draws it at 640x480.

//Still working with the plugin, we'll see if anything else shows up.

One week eh?... The mind reels. Don't know if I'll get it done but.  *with a flourish adds himself to the roster*
 ;D It's like QFG all over again.

22nd -
No way I'm getting this done in time, but on the upside I've gotten started on a decent premise... Peace fools!

My GOD thank you? I was wondering what was up! I thought I was going crazy. I only changed the 3d demo room from room 2, to room 3 and it stopped working.
So does creating a room free of D3D code reset the plugin? I was wondering how to code separate 3d areas as there's no 'remove object' code as far as I can see.
Also say one wanted to create separate distinct maps,  Would this basically be a process of toggling the 'visible' attribute and loading a new walkarea file?

So it supports two rooms? Okay then all the room 'transitioning' will have to be handled via object visible switches. Thanks for clarifying.

May I request someone write a tutorial on the setup. I've placed the proper .dll's in both the AGS and Compile folder. I set the appropriate settings in General Settings. And I thought I copied the necessary function out of the demo room code to start a simple render.
But it gets to like the first line 'on room load/CD3DPlugin.SetAmbientLight( 50, 50, 50 ); and says there's an error. I simply can't seem to find what the Demo is doing that I am failing to do.
If you could create a basic tutorial covering in-editor setup, it would help me immensely. I've been waiting for a fully 3d Plugin and intend on making a game with this.

Very Very Akatsuki ...

Critics' Lounge / Re: Anti Aliasing
« on: 04 Dec 2009, 03:47 »
If I was going to create a lot of large sprites, for high-res I'd use a vector-based painting app.

Something like anime-studio, but here:

Inkscape's a free vector based paint app, and I find it really intuitive. It's not designed primarily for illustration, but more for animation.
Ask her to give it a try ;) :



It's more an ILLUSTRATION, less an ANIMATION.

Critics' Lounge / Re: Voice Acting ;D
« on: 04 Dec 2009, 02:47 »
If I come back with a version that sounds like wolverine... don't blame me...

"Jennifer's gone... Bub..."

Critics' Lounge / Re: Voice Acting ;D
« on: 04 Dec 2009, 01:10 »
It's like writing, talk like you know?
But I'll have to straighten the accent, less flame huh?

Critics' Lounge / Re: Voice Acting ;D
« on: 03 Dec 2009, 23:49 »
>_> that may be the problem, it's a usb cord that goes straight from the mic, into the usb port...
Okay so looking into the purchase of a pre-amp now.

Critics' Lounge / Re: Voice Acting ;D
« on: 03 Dec 2009, 23:37 »
anyone with tips/setups that work?

Running a Shure SM57
through a special USB cable.

Critics' Lounge / Voice Acting ;D
« on: 03 Dec 2009, 23:28 »

After seeing Calin's voice work, I couldn't help trying it myself.

Really think there should be a voice acting competition, it's so much fun.

You are free whether to choose an existing story (e.g. Space Scrooge) or come up with something with your own.

*gets lawyer suit, greases back hair, smiles menacingly*

As stated above, under certain interpretations, you could have Alice from Resident Evil in a santa hat, and it be 'A Christmas Story'.
It can be ANY story you make up! So go for it!

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