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  CustomDialogGui.DialogGuiOptions[eDialogGui_bg_img_transparency]   = -1;

OK. I don't know what I'm doing wrong. When importing the PNG, should I say "yes" to "use alpha?" and should I select "leave transparency as-is"?

Also make sure to check the option "GUI alpha rendering style" in the general settings. It has to be set to Proper Alpha Blending".

Here's the source image from the template, if you import this one, you can be sure that it works.

There is no proper way. There's a bug in AGS: rendering is broken for GUIs with alpha-transparent backgrounds and content (including text) with alpha-transparency.

This was supposed to be fixed long ago! If it's still not working please do bug report, otherwise I won't know about it.

Here's proof that it works  8-) The frame is 100% opaque, the background is semi transparent, the scroll arrows render correctly as does the font outline.

Maybe I don't get it, but if it's about a GUI background with different alpha levels... that works and it's already implemented in the template.
Code: Adventure Game Studio
  1.   // Background
  2.   // set bg_img_transparency to -1 if you're using 32-bit graphics and
  3.   // want to preserve the alpha channel  
  4.   CustomDialogGui.DialogGuiOptions[eDialogGui_bg_img]                = 122;
  5.   CustomDialogGui.DialogGuiOptions[eDialogGui_bg_img_scaling]        = 0;
  6.   CustomDialogGui.DialogGuiOptions[eDialogGui_bg_img_transparency]   = -1;
  7.   CustomDialogGui.DialogGuiOptions[eDialogGui_bg_color]              = 0;

When you work with an alpha transparent PNG, you actually don't want AGS to interfere with it, you do it all in the image file.

- I tried with a sprite imported from a PNG containing an all-black image with alpha (the black is 20% transparent) and  and eDialogGui_bg_img_transparency set to 0, now it's the font outline that goes cuckoo
Just set eDialogGui_bg_img_transparency to -1 and you should be fine.

I'm with you Babar, I absolutlely adore Loom. Most people might just find it too short and easy. Or they haven't played the CD-Rom version :)

Here's the new beta, compiled as a template for your convenience :)
I've been testing it for a bit now, but I couldn't find anything odd yet. But since so much has changed code wise, it would be great if anyone else could have a look.

Changes (mostly by Monsieur Ouxx)
- cleaned up the global script (moved the remaining GUI actions to the options menu module)
- Localisation of the GUI elements is handled a bit different internally
- It's possible to change the GUIs being used by the template
- Some more refactoring, the template throws errors if a module is missing.

Here it is:

I'll check out my code and the state of the pull, as well as CW's comment asap.

Hehe, no worries. I was able to find some time fixing your bugs and to merge your changes. Thanks for the tedious work of refactoring all this stuff (nod)

Anyone dares to test this right from the repo as well?

The Rumpus Room / Re: Name the Game
« on: 01 Nov 2018, 21:14 »
oh noes, sorry for the late reply. Yes in both ways: it's Exile on the Amiga!

The screenshot was from Flag, also on the Amiga. Unfortunately it never got released.

The Rumpus Room / Re: Name the Game
« on: 30 Oct 2018, 12:25 »
Yay. Here we go:

Argh, I just read that this one never got released. So let's simply admire the beauty of the pixels. I'll add a different pic in a second.

Alright - this is the one to guess:

The Rumpus Room / Re: Name the Game
« on: 30 Oct 2018, 12:03 »
Looks like Sim Tower to me

I just tried it in high res, but I still can't reproduce this error - everything works as expected, even when I use your exact coordinates.

Could it be that this.border_right is smaller than your arrow buttons? Maybe your button is being blocked by the dialog text. Also: does the mousewheel work to flip through the options?

Oh, and the dialog script version coming with the 9verb template 1.5.2 should be 1.1.

So your game runs in 640x480?
Well, I'm going to setup a testgame in that resolution and try it with you coordinates.

Maybe also a screenshot of your dialog gui ingame might help. If it's super secret, you can also PM it to me ;)

I just tried this with a dialog of 12 topics. But I can't reproduce this issue.
What's the version of the template you're using?

The Rumpus Room / Re: Happy Birthday Thread!
« on: 15 Oct 2018, 09:28 »
Happy birthday, Cat!

Is that editor source code available somewhere?
Well, the editor is just an add on the tile engine, so it wouldn't do much as a stand-alone solution. I based my tile editor on the work of DKH's "The Art of Dying". The sourcecode is freely available over here:
That would be also a pretty nice codebase to create a jrpg engine in AGS.

Well, Software can only assist to make better games. The tools today are already 1000 times better than what gamedevs had in the 90s.
Also it totally depends on the style you're after.
For retro looking low res games, this is what I would use.

Storyboarding (if any): Notepad, offline
Paint Backgrounds: Photoshop
Make Sprites: ProMotion
Make Animations: ProMotion
Sound Effects: Audacity
Music: FL Studio

Cool, thanks for the screenshots! Nice to see the Metaverse one more time.

Sorry for barging in the discussion
I was actually hoping you would do that :D
Thanks for the clarification, I guess I just need to wait until Mathieu replies. Maybe in the meantime I find time to do a full code review, since this pull request is quite a biggie.
In any case the #error command will find its way into the template (nod)

Sorry for being offtopic now, but @Retro Wolf, are really parsing the image with getpixel() everytime you load a level, isn't this painfully slow?
I used to work with ascii files and with notepad being my leveleditor and even that wasn't very fast.

@CaptainD: Thanks :) I would have released the code a long time ago, but without proper documentation that would be a waste of everyone's time.

It's a tile engine made with AGS script. The room is still 320x200 in size and everything else is handled by script. Here's a screenshot of the tile editor (in AGS as well) for a different project

I downloaded your last commit from Aug 18th (dedfd488392cf46dad0af3dbe2ddde97eb44c1d f) and tried it to compile it with AGS. Since then I still didn't find the time review all the changes and probably find a fix for the remaining bugs.

That also raises the question: do I need merge this borked pull request and fix the bugs in the master branch or do I have to work in your repo to make it happen?

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