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Here's my try.

I call it:

The untalented Mr. Ripley tries to score

Thanks a lot for this workaround  :), adding the colors in the background itself did the trick. But is there a way, I can prevent AGS from screwing up my palette?
How should I ever do proper color cycling with the background pal being so unpredictable.

Is this feature "import background with exact pal" from 2.7 definately gone?

hmm... I just added the game pal to both, object and room. But still, the colors are messed up (but in another way now ;)  )

it looks exactly the same, as it does in the editor.
Color cycling is also an issue in the room pal, since the colors for that certain gradient aren't in their slots anymore.

Since AGS 3.1 beta 5, it's possible (again) to import backgrounds with its exact palette.

Hi there,

I've got the feeling, that there's something wrong with the option "lock to background" - or I simply don't get it ;)

I drew a background and wanted to add a campfire. Since this is room specific, I used colors from the room pal for it. But I can't manage to import it properly.

If I don't select "remap...", the sprites colors are messed up. Selecting "remap" and "lock to background" doesn't change anything - the room colors are left out and and deselecting all, gives me a black sprite.

Sorry, I forgot to mention, I'm using AGS I've also read, that there was an "exact color" option in 2.7 during the import of room background, but I haven't found it yet in 3.0.

Also moving the room colors to the last slots (and keeping slot 0-83 blank for the game pal) doesn't help me here.

Here's an image to show you, what I've tried so far.

Thanks for looking into that!

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