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I think the trick was to set the action label to an empty string after an action was executed or the GUI gets disabled. The GUI gets disabled once a dialog starts, so we use this effect.

This is from the tumbleweed script, so there's a bit work left to adapt it to the 9verb GUI variable and function names.

Code: Adventure Game Studio
  1. function repeatedly_execute_always() {
  4.   if (!IsGamePaused() && !Verbs.IsGuiDisabled()) {
  6.     // Update Actionbar
  7.     if (classicGui == false) {
  8.       Verbs.CheckDefaultAction();
  10.       // Update Actionbar after command is executed
  11.       if (location_clicked != null && location_clicked.Length > 0) {
  12.         if (location_clicked.IndexOf(">") > 0) temp_location = location_clicked.Truncate(location_clicked.IndexOf(">"));
  13.         else temp_location = location_clicked;
  14.       }
  15.       else temp_location = "";
  17.       if (IsInterfaceEnabled() || temp_location != location || location == "") {
  18.         Verbs.UpdateActionBar();
  19.         location_clicked = "";
  20.       }
  21.       Verbs.AdjustActionBarPosition();
  22.     }
  23.     // Doubleclick Timer
  24.     if (dc_timer_run == true)
  25.     {
  26.       if (disableDoubleclick) {
  27.         dc_timer_run = false;
  28.       }
  29.       else {
  30.         dc_timer_click++;
  31.         if (dc_timer_click >= dc_speed){
  32.           dc_timer_click = 0;
  33.           dc_timer_run = false;
  34.         }
  35.       }
  36.     }
  37.   }
  38. }

@zurik I'll have a look tomorrow

@Monsieur Ouxx
Hehe, thanks for the hint. I'll update the graphics in the future. How comes that you stumble upon this template almost exactly a year after it's release? (laugh)
We've just finished integrating the 9verb into the "custom save with screenshots" and bam, just at the same time you release it packaged.
Did I release something recently?

The main additions are double click running and the new save gui. And of course the whole code reorganizing and refactoring stuff, but technically these aren't features ;)

The Rumpus Room / Re: Happy Birthday Thread!
« on: 03 Apr 2018, 21:05 »
Wow, I'm still getting birthday wishes after all these years?!
Terrific! Thanks a lot!

... and one day I hopefully will be spending time here again (and with AGS in general)

as long as you know your ways around AGS, it should not be too hard. The whole GUI stuff is already pretty much modulized.
You need to export the optiongui module from the template, as well as the GUIs: gSave, gSaveConfirm, gLoad (and optionally gOptions).

In gOptions you might want to remove the Layout slider and the code behind it, since this is the only(?) template specific thing in this module.

No, it is most certainly not your fault cat. The project was just too ambitious for the spare time we had.

But hey, if people are still remembering this game after all these years, we did at least something right ;)

The game files are still there btw. if anyone dares to continue the game (which is not me at the moment)

Concept: Lorenzo (01) This is just a magnificent scene - period. I wish I could pull something like this off. The color perspective is remarkable.
Unfortunately it didn't survive the low-res transformation very well and looks a bit blurry in this resolution. I'm sure it looks outstanding in a higher resolution.

Playability: Selmiak Okay, this might not be the first time we've seen floating things in space. But this is for sure one of the most interesting examples. There is a whole tiny world to examine... where does the water come from? What does the monolith do? Why is home upside down? As already mentioned, I'd love to see this covered in a future demo quest as well. Oh.. and the spaceship is super cute ;D

Artistic Execution: Nixxon This background survived the downscaling very well as a lot of effort went into "post scaling" ;) Also the toonish perspective is top notch, great work!

Really looks like you had a great time again, thanks for sharing this jealousy inducing material :D

One day Iceland, one day...

Your background really turned out gorgeous, selmiak! Are you sure, you want to waste it on a Sierra template (laugh)?

To me, it screams DEMO GAME (nod)

wow, thanks for the lovely feedback.

..and I fixed the door :)

Yes, at least Snarky and AGA.
But I hardly ever use FB anyway.

Dont worry, usually they upload a whole bunch of photos after Mittens is over.

But nope, there's no secret group that I am aware of 8-)

You think somebody downloaded Gabriel Knight again, which voided all remaining traffic? :-D

Btw. some pics are currently on FB.

Really nice entries so far.

I would love to see that image with a true 255 color count. Wouldn't it be possible to turn the bg-nebular into something more in the vain of "The Dig". Otherwise I love it :)

Edit: Since I already posted here, I might as well submit this.

sans Roger

Yup, every door is unique (nod)

1. in addition to that, you can also use "any_click_on_door_special". In this function you can set a custom audioclip for each door. (Useful if you have a wooden and an iron door.)

2. Make sure you keep track of your door ids. It sounds like some doors share the same id.

Wow, you never stop learning about quirks of AGS :)
Thanks for the clarification.

Glad that this could be solved, even with my added confusion.
But I'm almost certain, that repeatedly_execute does not fire during dialogs, only repeatedly_execute_always does. And even repeatedly_execute_always should not fire unless you set "Run game loops during dialogs" in the general settings.
Or did this change recently?

Another thing to solve this would be this one, since all GUIs are usually disabled during dialogs
Code: Adventure Game Studio
  1. IsInterfaceEnabled()

I solved a similar issue in the 9verbs template like this.

In the CustomDialogGui script, you need to add a global var like
Code: Adventure Game Studio
  1. bool in_speech;

In the _prepare function, you can add
Code: Adventure Game Studio
  1. in_speech = true;
  2. // you can also hide you inventory gui here
  3. if (gDavesInventory.Visible == true) {
  4.     gDavesInventory.Visible = false;
  5. }

And finally in the repeatedly_execute area of the module, add this
Code: Adventure Game Studio
  1.   if (in_speech == true) {
  2.     in_speech = false;
  3.     if (gDavesInventory.Visible == false) {
  4.       gDavesInventory.Visible = true;
  5.     }
  6.   }

Of course you can also export/import in_speech and prevent the gui showing up in your inventory module.

Sure, that is actually not a big deal. First you need to resize the gAction GUI to your game's screen resolution (eg 320x200)
Now you need to copy over this adjusted  AdjustActionBarPosition function to your template and make sure it is called in repeatedly_execute_always

Code: Adventure Game Studio
  1. void AdjustActionBarPosition()
  2. {
  3.   int actionLabelWidth = GetTextWidth(ActionLine.Text, eFontTextOut) + 4;
  4.   int actionLabelHalf = actionLabelWidth / 2;
  5.   int xpos = mouse.x - actionLabelHalf ;
  6.   int ypos = mouse.y - Game.SpriteHeight[mouse.GetModeGraphic(mouse.Mode)] - 4;
  8.   if (xpos + actionLabelWidth >= System.ScreenWidth) xpos = System.ScreenWidth - actionLabelWidth;
  9.   else if (xpos < 0) xpos = 0;
  11.   if (ypos < 0 ) ypos = 0;
  13.   ActionLine.X = xpos;
  14.   ActionLine.Y = ypos;
  15.   ActionLine.Width = actionLabelWidth;
  16. }

how do i go about updating my game from the 9-verb template?
Currently both templates share the same features, except the save/load handling. You can export the save/load GUIs from the template and import them to your game. Also you need to export the optiongui module.
Actually migrating your game completely from one template to another might indeed be quite a pain ;) I'd rather say: create a new game from Tumbleweed template and import your rooms into it. Afterwards apply your other changes, fonts colors and graphics.

however in lucasarts games when you look at stuff you can still move while the text keeps displaying
Unfortunately displaying speech is usually blocking in AGS. You could use BackgroundSpeech, but that way you would loose the talking animations with "lucas style speech".

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