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The Rumpus Room / Re: Happy Birthday Thread!
« on: 08 Mar 2016, 09:10 »
Thanks Anas and arj0n! :-)

General Discussion / Re: I give up
« on: 07 Mar 2016, 14:22 »
In Portugal we go to a T - Spa when we feel depressed.

General Discussion / Re: Alternative Knowledge
« on: 05 Mar 2016, 23:51 »
I live 30 minutes from Praia da luz and the MCann case is very clear now as it was from the beginning. 
Not that I know things that nobody knows but we're talking about a small village where everyone knows everyone.
The man in charge of the case was put away as soon as British detectives came into play. Why?  Because he soon found that the parents could be guilty, he was not sure but tried to investigate further.
If you ask any Portuguese they will tell you that the girl wasn't kidnapped.
Sadly I believe it was a case of a dramatic accident involving the girl who died because of it.
I am sure the parents were excellent parents... Until the accident, better said, right after the accident.
It takes guts to call the police and admit you have hurt your daughter.  They didn't have it.
The political implications that put Portuguese authorities against the wall fearing British retaliations allowed Scotland Yard to completely overrun our investigation and the result is equal to zero.
Rip Madeleine.

The Rumpus Room / Re: Happy Birthday Thread!
« on: 02 Mar 2016, 16:30 »
Happy birthday arj0n! Hope you're well

Sorry about that Dave, :smiley: . Janet Gilbert knowledge of what a modern engine requires to thrive is our best reference possible. And what is your opinion Dave, what would you like AGS to become for next Xmas? What engine would you like AGS to be "on top of".

That's a shame but honest. But yes, it must be someone with availability and a global knowledge of the engine and real possibilities for a new project.

Well put Radiant.
I have no problem at all in putting my trust on the decisions made by CW and the rest of the active engine and editor devs, plus the knowledge of modern needs of Dave Gilbert. Again, someone with the clear mind set of Snarky could "lead" the process.

I am all for democracy but some issues must be dealt by people who know how difficult it is to take such a task.

Hello everybody, I know I'm more known for bad jokes than contributing to AGS and that I will probably never make another game but still love this project.

I agree with the crowdfunding initiative and will support AGS monetarily.
To me is very clear who should "lead" the process of turning AGS more modern. It is also easy to accept that our beloved editor and simplicity to make games should continue to be so, but now on top of a solid, multi-platform engine.
It's fair to say that everybody agrees with this approach as it makes it easier and less costly to emulate AGS plus add some cool modern stuff rather than rebuild the existing code.
Couldn't you lead, Snarky, together with CW and all of the people (khris,monkey,gurok),that have been contributing to AGS? I will not continue naming people because I'll be unfair and forget some as I'm sure I already did.
Ali's offer is very generous and I think people should think seriously about it.

The Rumpus Room / Re: What grinds my gears!
« on: 31 Jan 2016, 12:00 »
People that do not close doors after they leave a room when they had to open it to get in.

The Rumpus Room / Re: *Guess the Movie Title*
« on: 14 Jan 2016, 23:08 »

General Discussion / Merry Xmas you bunch of atheists!
« on: 25 Dec 2015, 12:11 »
I can't believe there's not a xmas topic on the forums!
I know bits and bytes don't function better on xmas but c'mon!

Anyway, only messing with you guys, Merry Xmas to all of the AGS community!

The Rumpus Room / Re: Where is Miguel?
« on: 25 Oct 2015, 14:10 »
Dear Mandle, it's growing on me like a tiny baby testicle that wants to see the light of day

The Rumpus Room / Re: Where is Miguel?
« on: 25 Oct 2015, 00:01 »
Cheers Anas, and congratulations on the success of your games, you're building a solid reputation.

The Rumpus Room / Re: Where is Miguel?
« on: 24 Oct 2015, 09:37 »
The quick answer is that while on spiritual retreat on a far desert island of the Pacific I've encountered a tribe where all the people were female. I took a while to adjust to the fact that    clothes weren't allowed and that the physical difference between us was huge and I mean really huge. So let me just say that I have been busy and without wi-fi...

The Rumpus Room / Re: *Guess the Movie Title*
« on: 24 Oct 2015, 00:29 »
Blade runner?

The Rumpus Room / Re: Where is Miguel?
« on: 24 Oct 2015, 00:27 »
Hi there you balless dudes!  I just got contacted by Stu, I have been away and very busy with work and other creative stuff, it's been hell!
Being a porn theatre janitor consumes most of my time you know, but I was promised a new position in the company and I may have some time off... Maybe.

Critics' Lounge / Re: Help with portrait
« on: 08 Apr 2015, 11:59 »
I'm with Snarky on this, Andail's version looks...pretty, there's no texture and that's what happens when you use one single brush to cover all of the face, it's like she has cosmetics applied. Try to "sculp" with your brushes very loosely at first and find the tones you want early on, specially when there's a clear light direction onto her. She's a woman and her chin, lips and well all of the mouth section must be revitalized really, it's dull and not interesting.

The Rumpus Room / Re: Happy Birthday Thread!
« on: 04 Apr 2015, 11:26 »
Happy Birthday monkey_05_06! May the infidels lose themselves in vastly incomprehensible lines of bad written code and severe lack of indentation!

General Discussion / Re: Leaders' Debate / GE 2015
« on: 04 Apr 2015, 11:20 »
I'm an Atheist, to me it's being the complete opposite of organised religion.
I read no books or articles on the subject, I don't attempt to convert others to Atheism, I don't organise or attend meetings with other Atheists.

You are also not Khris. And you're way too serious for me to start another forum holy war (believe me I've been there) just because you tried to sum a universal debate into 2 lines of overheard phrases. You also think you're very cool and that is just annoyingly retro.

Even if this topic is about elections in a different country than mine I am most certain that elections and politicians are pretty much the same in western europe, some guys dressed in suits tell people that economic recovery is just around the corner (if you vote for them) and that they are very responsible and incapable of stabbing people in the back once they get elected.
Sure, there are no robes and fancy hats and the modern politician looks and sounds very appealing, there is also no temples where people would gather and hear their claims, now we have the television, the new people's temple.
And the reward today is not a place in heaven but the promise of a nice house and a new car, you just have to vote for them because things will get better if you do. 

General Discussion / Re: Leaders' Debate / GE 2015
« on: 03 Apr 2015, 11:57 »
Don't know about MRLP, but
I'm starting a party, a political party not a real party with 20 dollar whores. It's called R-FOGET (Religious Front of Guys with Enlightened Testicles) and you can subscribe here.
Our main goal is to make Khris realize that his fanatic atheism sucks.
We also make utopian political claims and promises and believe that professional companies will not win best AGS game if they compete.

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