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Competitions & Activities / MAGS March “Glass of Water” (RESULT)
« Last Post by AGA on 06 May 2019, 00:26 »
The voting is over and we have a runaway winner:

Hydrate by Retro Wolf!

Well done, sir. You'll be contacted soon about coming up with a topic for May.

Thanks a lot to all participants and voters.

by Retro Wolf
by VampireWombat
Suspicious Mind
by Creamy and Kastchey

Topic: Glass of water
Suggested by: Cassiebsg and morganw

The theme for this month is "glass of water".
Specifically the game must display the text "glass of water" during a complete playthrough.
Use of any pre-existing assets is permitted.

  • the case of the text may be modified
    e.g. "GLASS OF WATER" or "Glass of water"
  • the text can be part of a longer phrase
    e.g. "I'd like a glass of water"
  • the game name must not reference a glass of water
    (this is to help ensure that game names are not duplicated and that the text displaying requirement is not met by the title screen)

Deadline March 31st


What is MAGS?

Started in 2001, MAGS is a competition for amateur adventure game makers. The idea is to create a game in under a month, following the rules set by the previous winner. It aims to help you work to a deadline, improve your skills, and provide a kick-start into making adventure games. Regardless of skill, MAGS is for everyone. Voting is based on "favourite" games, and not the most artistic, or the best coded. If you have bad art skills, use it as a chance to do some graphic work. If you're sub-standard at coding, use it as a chance to give scripting a go. Ultimately, people will vote for the most enjoyable entry.


Entering MAGS is simple. First, conceptualise your game following the month's criteria (see above). Second, create your game fuelled only by coffee. Finally, post your game in this thread, including:

* A working download link
* The title of your game
* A suitable in-game screenshot

At the end of the month, voting will begin, usually lasting for fourteen days and the winner chooses the next month’s theme.
The Rumpus Room / Re: Photoshop Fridays
« Last Post by gameboy on 08 Jan 2019, 21:37 »
But that is not the case here, I'm trying to create one and i'm unable to. I'll send you files and instructions so u can replicate and see im being dumb or this is actually an issue.
Hey Filipe, and welcome to the forums.

Quick moderator note: When you've already asked a question once, it's considered bad form to start another thread about the same thing, certainly so soon afterwards.

I've moved your response to the other thread. This one will be deleted after a while.
The Rumpus Room / Re: What's on TV?
« Last Post by VampireWombat on 08 Jan 2019, 21:09 »
It's Farscape. The episode is Taking The Stone. But Lexx is the show I was referring to with Rutger Hauer in an episode.
Alright, whoever wants is next apparently.
The Rumpus Room / Re: What's on TV?
« Last Post by Superkumi on 08 Jan 2019, 20:33 »
That's Farscape, or Lexx, my bet is on Farscape.
Again, take my turn, just keeping the ball rolling here!
Thanks a lot. Do you know what happened to the author, ? Is YouTube channel is stalled for too long... :(
TBH the usual cause of crashes with dynamic sprites is simply when you delete dynamic sprite (or it got deleted by last reference destroyed) and forgot to remove its index from a view frame or a GUI.
Uploading has begun
AGS Archives / Re: AGS Archives archive torrent
« Last Post by cat on 08 Jan 2019, 19:13 »
It's a pity you are leaving. Thank you for all you did for the community including hosting, the service, MAGSAN, the games you worked on, ...
I remember meeting you at AdventureX and that it was nice to finally meet you IRL.

I wish you all the best and hope you will drop in here from time to time.
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