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Beyond the Horizon (Alpha)
« on: 21 Jun 2009, 12:53 »
Very stuck in this game. I walk to the cellar near the start of the game, then get locked in and can't get out of there. I feel I need to do the ole put something under the door, poke the key out of the lock, and slide the key under the door and into my possession....but nothing seems to work  ???


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Re: Beyond the Horizon (Alpha)
« Reply #1 on: 22 Jun 2009, 20:45 »
Alright.. I was confused as well at first but one quick mail to the maker revealed that the game you've downloaded can't be won since it's experimental and starts in the middle (or almost at the end). You're missing quite a lot of objects to find your way out of there. The correct link to download is:

http://www.file-upload.net/download-1718747/horizon.zip.html (updated by the author).

Since it's still at the beginning just download again and start all over.
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Re: Beyond the Horizon (Alpha)
« Reply #2 on: 23 Jun 2009, 23:43 »
Ahh! Thank you so much for contacting the maker, I had a feeling something was not quite right! I thought it might just be the game throwing me into the deep end, and then revealing past events later on, but it didn't seem right, and when I got stuck I really thought I would have to give up on the game, and I never give up on a game!

So much relieved, thanks again  :)