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[PLUGIN] AGS_TimerHelper plugin v1
« on: 08 Dec 2010, 17:53 »
Hi all,

My second AGS plugin. Like the previous one, this is also open-source.
Main details are as below:


 This plugin will add a method called a script GetTimerID and a define a macro
 NOTE: The macro is named as <DLL name>_IS_ACTIVE. This is done in order to
 guarantee uniqueness, as there can be only one AGS_TimerHelper.dll in
 AGS's root directory.
 The documentation of GetTimerID is as below:
 int GetTimerID()
 Gets an available id which can be used for subsequent calls to SetTimer.
 If all timers are currently in use, then it returns -1.


 I got the idea for developing this plugin while writing some code involving
 SetTimer. Since currently the programmer has to choose a timer id, this can
 create problems if SetTimer is being used in different pieces of code which
 are being written by different programmers.
 e.g. Suppose there are two modules using SetTimer. If, for some reason, both
 of them are to be used in one game.
 Also, consider that SetTimer is required in repeatedly_execute for some room
 scripts. Then unless the timer ids in all places are different, there is
 going to be unexpected behaviour.
 Also, module writers cannot use SetTimer since they cannot decide which timer
 id to choose. Even if they go on the safer side and choose one of the last
 five ids (15 to 20), the game developer has to ensure that no two modules are
 unintentionally using the same timer id.
 Please note that this plugin is intended to be used only when SetTimer is
 being called at more than one script, as described above.
 If the use of SetTimer is limited to just room scripts, then this plugin is
 not required.


 01. Put the AGS_TimerHelper.dll in the folder where AGS is installed.
 02. Start AGS Editor and load/create a game. In the Right hand top pane under
 "Plugins" right click on the dll name and select "Use this plugin".
 03. Selecting "Plugin Properties" from the pop-up menu in step 2 will show
 a detailed help dialog. Please refer it for help on using this plugin. Or you
 can refer to the ReadMe_long.txt file included in this distribution.

AGS Version:

Tested with AGS version 3.2. But should work fine on older versions as well, since SetTimer is not a new function.

This plugin was developed using the Code::Blocks IDE, with MS Visual C++ as
compiler. So the project file cannot be opened in Visual Studio. Create a blank DLL project and add the source files,
if using Vicual C++ IDE.

Comments and criticisms are always welcome.

Download here
That's all for now,