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Hello Everybody,

This is a short game in the Reality on The Norm series with Elandra as the player character.

The game is set a sequel to The Affair of the Weirdo.


The year is 2199.

The inhabitants of Reality Station are paid a visit by a traveller from distant worlds. The traveller speaks of events leading to great destruction in the days to come.

And the only person who can do anything about it happens to be Elandra...

Comments, suggestions and criticisms are welcome.

More details here.
That's all for now,


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    • I can help with play testing
    • I can help with story design
    • I can help with voice acting
    • CaptainD worked on a game that won an AGS Award!
    • CaptainD worked on a game that was nominated for an AGS Award!
Downloading!  I haven't played a RON game for ages...