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Re: The Black Hand Gang
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Sorry for the necroposting but I just replayed this very old game of mine as research into my current project of how to do a mystery game properly (not the game itself, but the original book which is its source)...

I was thinking that I would be embarrassed by how horrible my game adaptation was, but I actually found myself very entertained by my own game and ended up playing it through to the end (without a perfect score...I fell 5 points short damnit!)

A bit of self horn-tooting but:

If you are an adventure/mystery game developer/lover and have kids around 7-13 years old that you want to inspire then this game might be a nice way to spend a few bedtime storytimes this winter...

The characters and story still charm me to this day...AND the artwork is still an amazing study for any game/comic-book artist in how to pack the most info into the smallest space composition-wise...


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