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I don't remember what initially led me to neglect the forums but I'm sure this played a huge part in it too...Sometimes it's really hard to deal with this loss. I think he had planned on becoming a doctor or got interested in the medical field. Before he was taken from us, Jason seemed to have gotten interested in selling photographs....something to do with taking pictures anyway , enjoying taking pictures... it's one of the few things me and my brother had in common....I was often very annoyed and angry with him when he was with us. He hurt my feelings a lot and drove me nuts sometimes , but that's family, right? Heh. But I miss him. I miss him so much.

The whole thing is just stupid and sickening. Two guy I had never met but kinda "knew" about through talking with my parents and stepfather , ect. The other guy , Chris *spits* , I remember him riding with me and Jason to Mom's place and we all had dinner together once. *curses and mumbles*

And that was...what...only four days or so - ( ? ) - before the murder. :angry:

We may have had our suspicions or "bad vibe" feelings or whatever but didn't even realize that something was seriously wrong until my mother tried to contact him and couldn't get into contact with him because he reportedly missed work. I don't know why they didn't realize two other workers that day missed work too if they didn't realize it.

I can't remember...don't like to think about it.
I'm not good with dates / time and crap..and I don't want to remember that my brother was murdered.
I don't want to memorize the dates.

I can't remember what day it was when my poor mother found my brother's body or when I found a thread online that helped with the case...they stole my brother's ride after they killed him....I don't remember what day it was when I held my father's hand and told him about the disturbing thread I found online about a boy wondering where the heck his brother was 'cause his brother - ( matt I think it was ) - was missing. This helped the police to track them down.
Chris and Matt.

They claimed to be his friends. Real friends don't react to alleged gun fear the way they did. Smart , good people don't react the way they did. If they were truly afraid for their lives just because my brother happened to own a gun , why didn't they just leave and call the police or talked to somebody? They didn't do that. Instead they decided to fight and stab my kill him. Of course it took my brother's death to realize what big pathetic losers and idiots they were. It took my brother's death to find out that one or both of them was more of an acquaintance really and they were just co-workers / acquaintances not real friends. From what I understand , it was early in the morning or very late into the night - perhaps midnight or so... ( see? not good with time...folks ) - when they went to my brothers for whatever reason they were really there for. So Jason wasn't fully awake or even understood what the heck was really happening to him when it happened. From what I understood , my brother never waved his gun in their face or anything like that. There was no reason , no good reason at all... for him to die. And even if he had waved a gun in their face , I wouldn't have blamed him much for it. Who the heck claims to be a friend and barges in on you unannounced very early in the morning or late at night? Doesn't even call first to let you know they're coming over and ask you to write it down to remind you they're coming over , blah blah , ect. ?! *sigh*

If I could time travel. I would warn my brother..."Don't trust them. They're not your friends , Jason. They're not your friends. Please be careful around them and avoid them like the plague if you can. Please don't live there. Please don't work there. Come live with me and dad or at least near us. In the general area. Something! Anything...anywhere but there. Please."

Now some people may claim my brother was selling weed. I don't know if that's true. I didn't find out until after he died that he may have been taking marijuana. But selling it? I was surprised when I found that out and I still am not not trust....I'm not saying it's impossible but even if he was , so what? Did those idiots really kill my brother over weed?! Losers.

I really hope that the rumors being spread about my brother are just that, stupid rumors with no truth to them at all. Even if my brother may have smoked weed or whatever the heck stupid thing he may have done...I really hope he wasn't selling it. I doubt he was selling it but I learned a lot from the loss of him.

Also, "MichaelJCheaney" , I doubt you will ever read this but if you do, you're a stupid jerk and I just wanted you to know that. You should've kept your stupid thoughts on the matter to yourself. We don't even know you and you don't know us. ( is that sort of thing allowed on these forums? If not , sorry for letting my emotions get the better of me and turning kinda childish...but you can understand how hurt and angry I am, right? No matter how I feel about my mother sometimes , she doesn't deserve stupid crap from some dumb stranger on the internet. You can edit this part out for me mods if you want to. )

I...ok, I'm done. Thank you for your time and I'm sorry for being Debbie Downer but I had to get this out of my system....

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That's some heavy stuff, QK.  I have not lost a brother, nor misplaced him for very long, but I wanted to share both my condolences and sense of justice in not only that the perpetrators have been caught, but in that you are standing by your brother despite whatever "stuff" he was involved in.  I am certain that my own brother has sold weed and suspect he's probably sold much worse, but despite his failings I confess that I only see the good aspects of his character.  Unless I'm in the same room with him, that smug-assed SOB....  But I have come to realise that I have a very tribal mentality, and would stand up for my own before I stood up for the more abstract societal concepts of right and wrong.  He's my brother, and I love him, so from that angle I can at least slightly grasp the anguish you must be feeling.

Stick around with us, QK.  We're good people here and won't betray anyone's trust.  Stay strong.


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My condolences, Queen Kara. It must be a horrible thing to lose a person who you were bonded to. My grandpa died not long ago, and he was to me favorite person from my family. Yet he died first. I was quite sad. But, you get over these things, everything dies in the end, one way or the other. :(


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I am lost for words....

My condolences to you and your family.