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Normally , I would go searching / researching first to see if anybody else posted already about such things but today I do not feel like it. So , new thread. Hopefully that will not be an issue for anyone. Besides, it's to my understanding that "necroing" threads / posting in old threads is frowned upon here , just like it is frowned upon in most or many boards.

List of my favorite sites and other things I find interesting , I am posting for others who might be interested as well since we are all gamers and game creators , interested in various gaming related things and have interests outside of gaming , and there may be things that might interest other wannabe game creators here. For information and inspiration. Stuff. (laugh)

Gourmet Gaming

A site for those who want to try recreating something they found in a game or something.

The Drunken Moogle

Alcoholic drinks for gamers , apparently.

Fantasy and Science Fiction Food Related Entry in a blog

webtender - various drinks

AGS of course I love AGS (laugh)

List of fictional drinks

Seventh Sanctum Generators
Inspiration , help , and contests for artists and writers.

Food Pills - more science fiction stuff
Never been to sf-encylopedia before but it looks interesting! This may be of interest to you guys as well...

Springhole Another great "stuff generators" type site and has some articles and other things as well.

Eventually , well...hopefully sooner than later....I will have a new website and will link to it here and elsewhere.
Right now I have no website. My old one was destroyed along with many others , alas. I needed a new one anyway.

With any luck I will have more than one website or at least enough space and such for all my interests.

Ludum Dare Great site where they hold contests and lots of people make new games based on contest theme.

Ren'py A great tool for anyone who wants to make "visual novels" aka interactive "novels" , games,  and "ren'ai" aka dating sim type games and "kinectic" novel ( aka static...just full of words...I am not a fan of kinectic since they're not really games...if I wanted to read a book - I'd read a book... *sigh* ) There may or may not have been other things done with Ren'py but it's mainly for those who are wanting to make dating sim type games.

By the way , I hate Unity. Just hate it. I wish people would stop using it to make games or at least make a version of their game that doesn't use / need Unity. *sigh*

I also hate it when I get an AGS game or game demo I want to play but the game is basically unplayable in my book because the creator limited their game to one resolution and it's the one resolution that normally refuses to run fullscreen on my laptop. ( The Bum is an example of an AGS game I consider unplayable because of the tiny screen if I put it in window mode and it won't let me play fullscreen ...sorry to whoever made that game but...ARRRGGG ;)

I hate it when I have to use WASD for movement , in my opinion it's a strange and sadistic "design choice" some creators make and it takes any fun out of a game for me. I hate having to use - ( in my opinion ) - weird keybutton choices for shooting enemies or jumping and other things and there's no way for me to change up how my character moves and interacts with the world. I don't mind having to use keyboard for movement ( like up down left right for example ) but I prefer using my mouse.

I hate when people refer to adult works as "porn" , especially if there's nothing wrong with the writing or coding.

I hate that more creators aren't afraid to push the envelope and go beyond pushing the envelope with some things but at the same time I can understand people not wanting to make stuff all about sex , nudity , and violence. I love that there are people out there trying to and succeeding in making non-violent games and there are girls out there making romance games for girls that don't include nudity and sex. I love silly fluffy mushy stuff. :-[ I think it's important to include disclaimers with certain works...game creators need to take responsibility for their games.
In a way , it's a shame the things we should be doing but often don't do...because there's so much negativity from people who just don't get it...they don't get us...they don't get games...
We need to keep showing and reminding people that it's stupid to blame game creators or games for the stupid things that a small handful of monsters and criminals do...but we also need to take responsibility for - ( if we have it and when we show it) - our violence , twisted sense of humor , perversions , and whatever else we may represent in / via our games. Hopefully someday people will truly realize and accept that games aren't just for kids and shouldn't be just for kids ....making books for a variety of people is acceptable...so why aren't games , toys , animation, and comic books?  Why are these particular things still stuck in the mindset of so many as being "just for kids"?!

Anyway...back to the list of stuff and sites I think people should check out.

Parsifal Unfortunately , site apparently needs some updating or major updating. Old links are old and "baf" or "wurb" is not working! I used to go to baf aka wurb all the time. The only thing I never liked about baf-wurb is the fact that they referred to adult works as porn. *sigh* Anyway , if anybody knows of a more up to date interactive fiction related site...please let me know. I will include it in this post or update this thread later and link to such a site. Either way , once I have my own website going I will have "pages" dedicated to interactive fiction. I worry that IF may be dying or it's already dead , even though I one day found something called Twine...I like some Twine works but wish there were more and more easy to find.

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