Author Topic: Neural networks and computer art (Inceptionism, DeepDream)  (Read 4061 times)


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Hahahaha, good stuff :-)
The beauty of it all is that, I prefer to think it is anyway, is that many great masters in any artistic media were nothing but common men and women who dedicated their talent to create art.
The set of conditions that took them there can only be emulated by computers if future technology allows it, and by emulating it is but a copy and that, to me, is not original art.

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I was thinking... Simple pencil was a pretty advanced technology too ages ago and professional artists used to have huge workshops, looking more like some alchemist hideouts from the fantasy novels. You needed to know your chemistry well to be a good artist. Now you need PC. Looking at the current situation from this point of view... it's still the same. And I doubt it will ever change. The tools will remain tools... I hope :-D