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Re: Offer Your Services!
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For years now I have been practicing improving the looks of characters, objects and backgrounds.
I have collected great programs for doing this.
Contact me if you need work done.
It helps if you give me as much detail of what is wanted ahead of time. Especially the style, and sending me base images to improve, if you can.
Contact Dan Buske
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Re: Offer Your Services!
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Hey dbuske how about you post some examples of your work, so people can get an idea of your capabilities!


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Re: Offer Your Services!
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So do you just want to improve other people's artwork for fun? To be helpful? To improve yourself?
I'd like to know your motivations. :-D


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Re: Offer Your Services!
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This belongs in the "Offer Your Services" that's where I'm going to put it. :)
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Re: Offer Your Services!
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EDIT: my mistake
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Re: Offer Your Services!
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Hey folks, I'm open to doing some voiceover work.

I was employed as a radio station DJ for a number of years, so if you are looking for an "Announcer" or an "Over the top" type voice, I might be what you are looking for.

I'd be recording with my home setup, to hear what that sounds like you can check out one of my Let's Play videos

My Profile

If you want to hear what my radio work sounds like or would like to hear my narration, please checkout my soundcloud.

Narration sample:

Soundcloud Profile:

The best way to contact me is via my twitter


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Re: Offer Your Services!
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Hey all, my schedule is finally clearing up and I can take on some more AGS and indie stuff!

I'm primarily a digital artist who can do illustrations and pixel art. I'm also a pretty proficient animator! You might remember some of my work from the game in development on these very forums, "Kate and Shelly Stick Together!"

You can see some of my work on my wip portfolio site here: and my game jam stuff over here:

My rates might be a little higher than some, but I know the tricks and tips that can keep the costs down while still delivering great art. Just message me and we can work something out. Thanks!
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Re: Offer Your Services!
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My name is Alexandre Scire and I'm a music composer based in France. It's for proposing you my services of music composer in case you're looking for an original music for your project!
I've already composed several soundtracks (many for AGSers!), which certain are available on Steam, and my best experience is an OST for a WARHAMMER 40,000's game entitled "Sanctus Reach", licensed by Games Workshop.
I invite you to listen to my works on Bandcamp or Youtube, with musics for videogames, short-films, electro-acoustic and concert stage.
Enjoy listening! ;-D


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Re: Offer Your Services!
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I'm a musician, and I'd like to make music for narrative games. (I was at AdventureX this year, and that got me thinking about my game making.)

Besides wanting to make the soundtrack for a game, I am also interested in playing on someone else's soundtrack. So if you're making music, and think that your music could use some wind instruments, let me know. (I can play several instruments decently. I teach the following instruments professionally: bassoon, trumpet, horn, trombone, tuba, clarinet and saxophones in different sizes.)

Samples can be found on SoundCloud, or you can take a look at the game I made a few years back. You'll notice that I'm not a skilled sound engineer (meaning that my recordings are not as good as I'd like them to be), but I am slowly improving.

Finally, here are a few additional tracks, that I haven't uploaded to SoundCloud, because none of these are original music. Most of them are a couple of years old, and none of them are really polished, but listening to this should help give you an idea of who I am:

Ok, I've probably shared too much unpolished stuff now, but if you've listened to this and are interested, then I can almost guarantee that you won't be disappointed. :grin:

You can preferably contact me by e-mail. My GMail account has the same username as the one I'm using here.

Edit: I should add, in case that isn't clear, that I'm not looking for a paid gig.

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Re: Offer Your Services!
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I am looking for the paid work as a coder in an interesting game project, either AGS or any modern game engine (preferably something like Unity).
I am currently unemployed but may not be available for a full day involvement because of some real life issues (hopefully the situation will improve after a while). I may do task-based job as well (e.g. if you do not need my continious participation but only certain features coded for your game).
Because of my current situation I cannot accept "revenue share" kind of payment unless the project is really short, but I'd rather be paid periodically (e.g. once a month/few months) or per-task. The payment I am looking for is roughly based on $800-900 per full month of work as a reference, but we may negotiate something different (as a note, that's an average salary in my country which may seem low if you are from USA or western europe).

You may contact me either using PM on this forum or email

I spent roughly 12 years writing programs on office jobs and even more doing some stuff in a free time. My main languages were C++ and C#, but I also had a chance to use Javascript and Python. Worked with databases (used PostgreSQL and MsSQL) and have some knowledge about audio and video programming.
Although I was primarily involved in regular desktop applications there were also several gaming and near-gaming projects:
* One of my first jobs was porting mobile games from Java to C++-based platform and optimising these for low-end devices.
* Coding game logic and enemy AI for fan-based "2.5D" shooters (may be found here:; latter included pathfinding and trivial decision making in various game modes.
* For the above project I also coded custom scripting language for creating dialogs with NPCs (there's this specification:
* Participated in development of a military vehicle simulation which used Ogre3D engine (this was where I first learnt how to work with 3D graphics and client-server program architecture).
* Recently made this arcade racing game with 2D vehicle physics (
* In the last 1.5 years I was working consecutively on two 3D projects where we created AI-controlled only sports game simulation for the betting site:
** First project was a volleyball game made on Babylon.js web engine and coded in TypeScript;
** Second was a basketball game made on CryEngine and coded in a mix of C# and C++.
Linking these two may be problematic since they are normally only available through that betting site (and second one is not yet in actual use as far as I know), but I'll try to upload some videos to demonstrate how that looks like.
* Was working on further improving now open-source AGS game engine for around 6.5 years (
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