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Tech demo: turn-based RPG
« on: 09 Aug 2017, 21:16 »
Hi everyone!

I'm still working on my RPG and even though I can hardly find a few days each month, it's slowly moving somewhere. Today, I managed to get together a short playable demo which I wanted to send to one or two people. But the more players will try, the more feedback I can get! :)

Download link:

What is it?
Turn-based RPG designed to be played on smartphones. Yep, that's why the font as well as the buttons are so big.
It looks familiar...
It's a remake of my own game. This way, I want to prepare and test the system for my next project. It just takes a bit longer than expected. Those who didn't play the previous version can enjoy this one as a completely new game, those who did can compare the differences! :)
What's finished?
Well, nothing is finished for sure, but things that I consider to be close include interface, controls and the battle system. I especially look for critique of the battles: how does it feel, is it intuitive enough? Did you encounter any bugs or strange behavior? Is it fun?
And what's not finished?
Sounds, graphics - there is severe lack of animation, right now, only the walkcycle is finished. And the poor coyote got only side view for now! Some backgrounds are missing, but the first part of the story (to the quest of buying out a farm) should be playable with no problems.
I finished the demo, but I didn't get a chance to use most of the skills!
There are cheats in the journal, and after using them, you can teleport to room number 0 to get into a tougher fight. Feel free to experiment, tell me what's good about the game, what's bad and what's ugly!