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Re: Adventure game without dialogue
« Reply #20 on: 19 Sep 2017, 12:16 »
But there is a important question : What is degree of immersion "Another world" in tell story in compare with classic point and click games ?

I'd also put "Limbo" and "Inside" up for this same kind of examination. If personally feel that both games are set against a background with a rich, complete story being told but, as all the exposition is visual, and revealed little by little, the story itself is open to a lot of interpretation by the player. I felt I mostly understood the story of "Inside" but could only really guess at "Limbo". And then the author of the game(s) sometimes reveals the full story later, but this does not qualify as a part of the no-dialog experience. SOme would say this is lazy storytelling while others would say they enjoy this kind of story more, or at least enjoy it sometimes as an alternative to having the entire story explained to them. I probably fall into the latter category where I do enjoy this kind of experience now and then, and if it is done well, but wouldn't want it every time I play a game.


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Re: Adventure game without dialogue
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Yes I agree, "Inside" had great story . I remember when it finished I stared to monitor for a few minutes without any reaction . It hadn't any music even . There is many different explicate for end of this game by peoples in forums.


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Re: Adventure game without dialogue
« Reply #22 on: 03 Oct 2017, 06:49 »
Gobliiins series (by Coktel Vision), while they do have some text, hardly need any. Everything is expressed by faces and motion anyway.