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The Last 100 Panel Ratings

Alien Rape Escape rated 2 on 02/03/2018:
An enjoyable but short game if you can get past the fidgety interface.

Richard & Alice rated 3 on 19/12/2017:
This game has somewhat inconsistent graphics quality and the occasional (non-game breaking) bug, but that doesn't stop it from being an incredibly worthwhile and heartfelt story to experience. Some may feel that the puzzle difficulty (lets just say you're not likely to be reaching for a walkthrough a lot) was too low, but that's probably for the best in service of the story.

LUCID LUCY rated 2 on 07/12/2017:
Lucid Lucy is nice for what it is (very short with one puzzle and pretty artwork) but it could have been much more.

The Apotheosis Project rated 3 on 27/06/2017:
A fun game with some clever visuals, nice puzzles, good production values and an interesting (if totally ridiculous) story. There are aliens, pyramids, superpowers, robots, giant cockroaches and more all packed into 6 hours of gameplay (with a cheeky look at a walkthrough due to some devious pixel-hunts). The voice acting is generally pretty good but it can a bit uneven (3 different pronunciations of the words 'stele' and 'corps') and there's one painfully slow performance that is best skipped through. Puzzles are mostly pretty fair and you can switch between the two lead characters, sharing items, adding an extra level of gameplay. Definitely worth a play through.

I Walked a Path rated 3 on 15/06/2017:
This game is not really a game - more a playable poem - and only takes a couple of minutes to play through. However, it is wonderfully atmospheric with lots of nice animations. Plus, it was only made in two weeks for Adventure Jam. Nice job.

Hen Man: Origins rated 2 on 06/06/2017:
A short MAGS game with nice graphics and a funny twist in the end.

MINDBOGGLER rated 2 on 05/06/2017:
A great idea and a unique setting. Though this promising MAGS game is far from finished, it's still worth your time.

Graveyard rated 3 on 12/10/2016:
Fun, pretty and creepy. Quite impressive for a month's work.

Blackwell Epiphany rated 5 on 24/09/2016:
Blackwell Epiphany is an almost flawless finale to one of AGS's most beloved sagas. Play it at your earliest convenience.

4 of Clubs rated 2 on 18/08/2016:
General lack of gameplay, the short length, and a few bugs that can crash the game hurt an otherwise interesting premise.

Ancient Aliens - The Roots of Sound rated 3 on 18/08/2016:
This game narrowly made three cups thanks to a strong soundtrack and well made backgrounds. It has a certain cinematic touch and manages to set an immersive mood. However, it also has a high number of weaknesses. Narration is in third person but occasionally slips into first, and its attempt at humour can be rather irritating. The protagonist comes across as male chauvinist and self absorbed. In moments of fourth-wall-breaking, he complains that the narrator is a bad comedian, but has basically the same jargon himself (=sexual innuendos and puns). If you can handle less than excellent dialogues and characterisation, the game is a rather ambitious effort.

Awakening - Part 1: Escape rated 1 on 18/08/2016:
A good first attempt is let down by uneven design and a lack of reasonable signposting. Shows promise.

Beacon rated 4 on 18/08/2016:
Very short but compelling experience with great atmosphere.

Boyd's Music Mixer rated 2 on 18/08/2016:
An interesting concept that could use more samples and things to do.

Don't Drink the Pink rated 3 on 14/08/2016:
Nice graphics and music complement 15 amusing minutes of surrealism.

Draculator II: Byte of the Draculator rated 4 on 14/08/2016:
Short, but very funny, well-designed and well-paced game developed through an experimental AGS community project model in which the more contributors the merrier. The end result is packed with catchy tunes, sexy vampire powers, and some particularly great comedic voice-acting from the male lead.

Fading Shades rated 3 on 14/08/2016:
A very atmospheric adventure involving coloured spheres. Beautifully presented and very professional looking.

Foundations rated 4 on 14/08/2016:
Featuring some perfect pixels and a sneak glimpse into a gorgeous world, the only real drawback is that Foundations finishes way too soon.

Hello Neighbor! rated 2 on 14/08/2016:
A limited, though interesting, puzzle. Very short, with endearingly simple hand-drawn graphics.

Lazarus Wants Pants rated 1 on 11/08/2016:
Obviously meant as a joke game, we can't really give this more than one cup!

Legends Of Mardaram rated 2 on 11/08/2016:
This game is only in German!

Limey Lizard: Waste Wizard! rated 4 on 11/08/2016:
Superb production values are the obvious highlight, but engaging characters, an excellent script, and clever puzzles combine to form a hugely enjoyable game. Challenging at times, but not unfairly so, though also slightly unforgiving in places. Highly recommended!

Ponderabilia rated 4 on 10/08/2016:
Excellent graphics and animations as well as an outstanding soundtrack are the most noticeable features of this game. The game mechanics of unlocking new areas and puzzles fit perfectly in the bizarre world of Ponderabilia. While some players might be offended by the sexual and violent content, be assured that there is more behind the story than it may look like at the beginning.

Quest for Glory 4 1/2 rated 2 on 10/08/2016:
Windows version. Game seems to feature fatal bugs.

Reactor 09 rated 3 on 10/08/2016:
Very enjoyable, but would benefit from (1) an original soundtrack (2) the tightening of a few puzzles and (3) improved pacing. Only the multiple endings prevent Reactor 9 from being classed as a Short Game.

Resonance rated 5 on 10/08/2016:
Engaging puzzles, an engrossing story, and beautiful art make this a hugely enjoyable commercial game, well deserving of 5 cups.

Star Trek Newton: Part One - Anomaly rated 3 on 07/08/2016:
A solid first entry into what could be a very promising Star Trek spinoff series. Intuitive (if somewhat easy) puzzles and pleasant, simple-yet-colorful characters and backgrounds establish Newton as a bold first step in going where no man has gone before.

Stargate Adventure rated 4 on 07/08/2016:
Faithful to the show, and should be very enjoyable for fans. Strong design and story, if a little unfocused in places. Recommended.

Out of Gas rated 3 on 06/08/2016:
Very cute and funny game with some great visuals and brilliant puzzles.

Valhalla Extinction rated 2 on 06/08/2016:
The idea is fun. Not bad for a week's work but it's very rough around the edges.

Predators Prey For Plants rated 2 on 06/08/2016:
A fun, clever simulation and interesting use of AGS. No real gameplay to speak of though.

The Awakening rated 3 on 06/08/2016:
Lovely stuff. Despite a few hotspot issues, this well-paced atmospheric sci-fi short leaves you wanting more.

the farm episode one rated 3 on 06/08/2016:
Stylistically impressive, but core game design ultimately lets it down. Still worth a play.

The Journey Down: Over the Edge rated 4 on 06/08/2016:
The Journey Down is a beautifully crafted adventure with a unique character style and a level of polish rarely seen in freeware games, though the sometimes rough animations and overscaling issues (as well as an odd lack of sounds) stand out simply because everything else looks so great. If you can get past a few flaws in the surface and a relatively short play time, The Journey Down will no doubt be a gem to add to your game collection.

The wife who wasn't there rated 2 on 06/08/2016:
Some nice writing, and an engagingly simplistic art style, help this short game rise above it faults. Puzzles can be weak, and some vague direction hinders the experience.

Tomes: Layne's Discovery rated 3 on 06/08/2016:
Layne's discovery is (hopefully) the first in a series of investigative adventures from Domithan. It's a good all round shortish game with some lovely touches, a fun deduction system and a decent level of polish.

~airwave~ - I Fought the Law, and the Law One rated 3 on 06/08/2016:
An indie music lover's wet dream - complete with a long and very authentic sounding radio broadcast delivered live in one of Ben Chandler's most interesting fictional realities. Nevertheless, some weak puzzles and lack of conclusion to the story (supposed to be just the first episode) put this game's rating down.

WOO - World of our own rated 2 on 09/10/2015:
While the concept is interesting, watching this uninteractive simulation is rather boring. Complicating things is that it doesn't operate like a screensaver, ie, you have to open and close it yourself, so its utility is really questionable.

What Linus Bruckman Sees When His Eyes Are Closed rated 4 on 09/10/2015:
Challenging and unique. Wonderful dual gameplay may confuse some!

Unbound rated 3 on 09/10/2015:
Has a great sense of atmosphere and visuals. The only drawback is that it is short enough to complete on a lunch break, though some people may find that a bonus!

The Endless Night rated 1 on 09/10/2015:
An interesting premise, let down by poor execution and presentation.

The Black Hand Gang rated 2 on 09/10/2015:
This is an electronic version of the 1960s children's book. It uses the original texts and graphics which are indeed very good. For each page you have to type the answer to a question regarding the picture, and the parser is very tolerant to synonyms. However, sometimes the graphics are very small and texts or items are hard to recognise. The rating takes into account that all material used in this game already existed and thus cannot be given credit for. Nonetheless, this is a highly recommended game for children as well as adults and a satifying gaming experience.

The Art of Theft rated 4 on 09/10/2015:
An excellent arcade game, slightly hampered by odd difficulty spikes. Fine music, and multiple challenges, round off a solid package.

The Secret of Chunky Salsa rated 2 on 09/10/2015:
A fun and silly mags adventure surrounding a recipe that can save the beards from extinction. Some strange puzzle solutions notwithstanding (the soup-making exam is particularly confusing), the charming art and music will likely keep you interested.

The Samaritan Paradox rated 4 on 09/10/2015:
The Samaritan Paradox is a game with a story cleverly split into a real-world, Gothemburg-based thriller and a medieval fairy tale. The graphics are nice low-res backgrounds with good animations and together with great music provide a dense atmosphere. The story is interesting and the characters have all their own agendas with a dynamic dialog system that allows diving deeper into the various personalities. The most noteable aspect of the game are the puzzles which appear in a wide range of types and are challanging, yet fair and rewarding. However, the general lack of responses to actions as well as several technical glitches make this game a bit rough around the edges for a commercial release.

Space Quest IV.5 - Roger Wilco And The Voyage Home V3.00 rated 3 on 09/10/2015:
Space Quest IV.5 is a pastiche of art from several Sierra games, most notably Eco Quest 2 and the Space Quest series. In spite of this, the game shows a lot of effort and tries to tie up everything between SQ 4 and 5. The new addition of voices is something of a mixed bag: while characters like the narrator offer strong performances, others, and especially Roger with his strange, child-like voice, can be distracting at times. The update does not take into consideration most of the design issues that made the puzzles so cumbersome in the original release, such as the frequent backtracking and going back and forth between locations, though some puzzles seem to be abridged to make them easier to follow. Fans of Roger will want to play this, though the frequent backtracking to solve puzzles may be offputting to some.

Smiley's Quest rated 2 on 09/10/2015:
Very rough around the edges, but Smiley's Quest has a strange charm and some funny moments.

Robo Quest v1.21 rated 2 on 03/10/2015:
Robo Quest is charming little game about a Robot struggling to get to a party in time. While being rather polished - especially the graphic style is clean and consistent - its plot is so simplistic it resembles one of those browser based escape-the-room games. What it lacks in depth and story-telling, it makes up for in really cute pixel art.

Rob Blanc III - The Temporal Terrorists rated 2 on 03/10/2015:
Early Yahtzee that's showing it's age. Fun, but very rough around the edges. Game uses dos-based engine. Compatibility issues may arise on newer systems. Recommend use of VDMSound, available from http://sourceforge.net/projects/vdmsound/, or similar.

Rob Blanc I - Better Days of a Defender of the Universe rated 2 on 03/10/2015:
Early Yahtzee that's showing it's age. Fun, but very rough around the edges. Game uses dos-based engine. Compatibility issues may arise on newer systems. Recommend use of VDMSound, available from http://sourceforge.net/projects/vdmsound/, or similar.

Righteous City - Part II rated 3 on 03/10/2015:
The quality of Part I continues into Part II. A solid follow-up, despite a few bumpy puzzles. A little directionless at times, and could do with better pacing, but enjoyable.

Ramses Porter and the Relay for Love rated 1 on 03/10/2015:
Some funny (if sometimes juvenile) writing is let down by uneven visuals and confusing direction. No setup file included, so game must be run full-screen.

Prime Minister's Questions: The Game rated 3 on 03/10/2015:
Retro graphics & good sound effects go a long way to help this fun & original themed game stand out. Gameplay however is rather limited.

One of a Kind [MAGS] rated 2 on 03/10/2015:
Easy to enjoy graphics with simple animations and a cute story. There were a few issues with spelling and grammar. Some puzzles were hard to perceive, sometimes due to the default responses when you try use items in the wrong order. The music can be a little grating.

My First Big Adventure rated 2 on 03/10/2015:
A simple game, with bright, bold graphics. Suitable for children.

Meteorhead rated 1 on 03/10/2015:
In spite of it being a joke game, the intro was solid and it could have been more than it was.

Featherweight rated 3 on 28/09/2015:
Featherweight surrounds the adventure of Thadd, a lowly resistance scout (featherweight) who must try (and fail, repeatedly) to rescue a fellow member who has been imprisoned by a robot army. While little backstory is revealed, the game gives a sense of a greater story to be told; unfortunately, some of the puzzles in the game seem downright strange and counter-productive (use an explosive to get a bullet?). Compounding this, other inventory items seem just as useful to a purpose as others, making many of the solutions seem hit or miss. Still, if you can look past some odd puzzles you'll find a lot to like in Featherweight.

Heroine's Quest: The Herald of Ragnarok rated 5 on 28/09/2015:
Exceptional quality & depth, just look at the number of AGS awards it scooped and for good reason - Heroine's Quest is a fine addition to any collection and a stalwart game of good design, mechanics and fun gameplay.

Dave Generic rated 1 on 25/09/2015:
Shows promise but it's over almost as soon as it begins and the visuals could use work.

Dacey in the Dark - Prelude rated 2 on 25/09/2015:
Visually strong, with an unusual -though somewhat cumbersome- interface. Simple puzzles help keep things moving, but the writing lacks bite.

Cayanne Pepper rated 3 on 25/09/2015:
An interesting game that is only slightly hampered by some odd puzzle design.

Cherry's Quest for Coffee rated 2 on 25/09/2015:
Cute, humorous adventure, let down by a some pointless interactions and lack of direction. Graphics are generally fine, but some backgrounds seem rushed. Sound is noticeably sparse.

Boy in da hood: Give me the money! rated 1 on 25/09/2015:
A cheeky concept that shows promise, but parts of the execution left to be desired. Puzzles are linear, graphics are made up of different visual styles some of which are quite jarring. Majority of art is not original. Game-play and solutions are predictable and over easy. The story is fun though the dialogue writing is pretty iffy. With more polish and non-linearity, this game could definitely gain a higher cup rating.

Blades of Passion: An Oceanspirit Dennis Adventure rated 2 on 25/09/2015:
A fun but rude game in the world of OSD with good voice acting & nice design.

Blackwell Unbound rated 4 on 25/09/2015:
A strong follow-up (actually a prequel) to Blackwell Legacy with some substantial gameplay improvements (you can now control two characters) at the cost of some graphic quality. The trade-off is well worth it.

Blackmail in Brooklyn rated 3 on 25/09/2015:
A successful attempt at making a platformer with AGS that unfortunately shows a lack of time and polish.

Black Cauldron Remake rated 3 on 25/09/2015:
Some annoying bugs aside, this is a solid translation of the original Black Cauldron pc game to AGS.

Ben Jordan: Paranormal Investigator Case 6 - Scourge of the Sea People rated 4 on 25/09/2015:
The series shows a marked improvement in some areas in this case, most notably in the music, which fits the Greek atmosphere perfectly. This case seems rather shorter than it seems it should be, however, and the puzzles are arguably the easiest in the series, so veteran players should be able to sail through the game. It's definitely one of the higher points of the series so far, however, so fans shouldn't miss it.

Apprentice II: The Knight's Move rated 4 on 25/09/2015:
Some contrived timing puzzles and occasional bugs hold back this otherwise enjoyable sequel.

Apprentice 1 Deluxe rated 5 on 25/09/2015:
The addition of voice actors that sound true to the characters and a significantly improved soundtrack make the deluxe version an AGS game not to be missed by fans of the genre.

Apprentice rated 4 on 25/09/2015:
A solid adventure game with a pleasing art style and a wonderful soundtrack. The deluxe version, however, is even better!

Alien Cow Rampage: Orion Needs Your Milk! rated 2 on 25/09/2015:
A very original and addictive card game with great graphics and a perfectly fitting soundtrack. However, the difficulty is to high and most character classes are badly balanced. With some polish in the mechanics this game would get a much higher rating.

AGS-Invaders rated 2 on 25/09/2015:
A fun use of the ags engine, though it suffers from a few bugs.

Adventures of Fatman, The rated 4 on 25/09/2015:
The Adventures of Fatman is a fun, complete adventure game with a lot to offer fans of the genre as long as they are willing to look past the sometimes irritating voice-overs. Now that it is free there's even more reason to play it if you haven't yet!

Absent rated 3 on 25/09/2015:
A few rough edges fail to detract from an otherwise solid adventure.

A magic stone rated 2 on 25/09/2015:
This otherwise enjoyable game is plagued by some interface problems such as clipped text and broken combat (it's almost impossible to hit with any weapon except magic). The final battle is also next to impossible (even according to the author) without finding a secret room that has no hints offered in game as to the location.

A Date in the Park rated 3 on 25/09/2015:
The photographic backgrounds and ambient sounds make you feel like you are strolling through the park yourself. Once every scene is explored, this gets a bit repetitive because the puzzles mostly rely on walking around. However, the good writing and amazing atmosphere make up for that.

6 Days a Sacrifice rated 3 on 25/09/2015:
Some contrived plot devices fail to bring a graceful end to the series, though the visuals and music are improved over the first two installments. It's definitely worth playing for fans of the series and for those wanting to 'complete' the series.

! rated 3 on 25/09/2015:
A unique concept and presentation with some interesting puzzles.

Power Nap rated 2 on 25/09/2015:
A nice quick game with pretty backgrounds and a fun task to accomplish. The missing hotspot indication makes it a bit a pixel hunt. The music does not really fit the setting and gets annoying pretty soon but can be turned off easily. Nonetheless, it's a nice game you could easily fit in your work break.

The Visitor 3 rated 4 on 25/09/2015:
The series improves from game to game with the latest installment reaching a new level of quality. The graphics are clear and detailed, puzzles are fun and the multiple player characters and various story lines converge smoothly.

Conspirocracy rated 4 on 07/09/2015:
A really charming and varied game. Lots of fun. The music is gorgeous, the humour is crisp. The pixel art is very pretty. I especially enjoyed walking around the isometric town map trying not to get killed in traffic (although when that happens, it's hilarious). There is a wide range of clever puzzles which make for no ordinary adventure game, but something quite unique.

Naked Fear rated 1 on 01/09/2015:
WARNING! THIS GAME IS STRICTLY FOR ADULTS ONLY! SERIOUSLY! Anybody who plays this game, with the exception of the niche audience it was created for, will likely take offence at it's content. Violence against women as a form of entertainment is not what this reviewer considers a good time. Intended or not, the misogyny, sexism, and borderline racism on show here is depressing.

OSD Archipelago Adventures 1 rated 3 on 26/06/2015:
Enjoyable and very funny.

Tir Na Nog rated 1 on 25/06/2015:
Despite quite an interseting story, this game is almost unplayable. The character moves painfully slowly and the sound effects, electronic voices and visuals are unintentionally(?) psychadelic to the point of nausia.

Where's M' Hat Ma ? rated 3 on 25/06/2015:
A nice, long game with some good, tricky puzzles. Graphics are simple yet charming. The lack of any sound is disappointing, though.

AGS Background Editor v1.4 rated 1 on 18/06/2015:
A nice experiment but it's hard to imagine anyone actually using this tool for making backgrounds

Shitty Quest rated 3 on 17/06/2015:
Fantastic little game. It does start out as shitty as the title suggests but if you stick with it, it grows into something very playable, super funny and even quite motivational.

Sharky's 3: The Heist rated 2 on 16/06/2015:
Though the graphics and dialogue could do with a bit of tidying up and the puzzles are on the very easy side, this is still a fun short heist game with spot-on humour.

RAM Ghost rated 4 on 11/06/2015:
This is a gorgeous and highly addictive game that everyone should try. You will fall in love with your little RAM ghost like a pet.

PMUVCHVT rated 1 on 11/06/2015:
This game was made in a matter of hours, and it shows. It's a fun idea, though, with a cool main character.

Space Quest 7 Mania. Episode 1 rated 1 on 11/06/2015:
It's pretty, but it's basically like a test sample for something that could be pretty good.

All pigs deserve to burn in hell rated 2 on 03/06/2015:
A solid little game with an interesting concept. With a little more polish it could achieve a higher rating.

Scenario 5B rated 3 on 03/06/2015:
A very nice MAGS entry with lovely graphics. Feels more like an introduction to something bigger, but fun while it lasts.

The Spoons rated 2 on 03/06/2015:
Standard RON game, but quite entertaining

IAMJASON rated 4 on 02/06/2015:
Although short, the stylish retro aesthetic coupled with an intriguing story concept results in a very enjoyable experience.

The Warp rated 1 on 29/05/2015:
A simple two-room hourgame (made in an hour, not taking an hour to play). With simple (and default) graphics and no real puzzles, as good as can be expected for that timeframe.

Horse Park Fantasy rated 3 on 19/03/2015:
A pleasant simulation game that shines over its predecessor (Horse Park) with simplified gameplay and improved graphics. Only features one mission which makes the simulation aspect quite linear, but is certainly a fun way to use up some spare time.

Haunted Castle rated 4 on 10/02/2015:
Really solid board game with a spooky medieval setting, 6 unique characters, fun graphics and definite replay value. The music is great, but a little repetitive as you keep swapping between players. A single player mode with AI is a lot to ask, but would have been the icing on this clever cake.

Dakota rated 3 on 07/02/2015:
While the brooding atmosphere seems initially at odds with the JRPG-style graphics, they work well together while forming the basis of this smartly constructed tale.

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