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Screenshot 1 of Hard Space: Conquest of the Gayliks!
Have you ever wanted to Captain your own starship? Do you like boobs -- especially big ones? Do you have the need to tear off your pants and make manly poses? Do you love ACTION and SEX and MYSTERY? If you've answered yes to anything then Hard Space is just the thing you need to make your day complete! Story: You are Captain Jack Hardin, sometimes hero, often playboy, but alway...

Released: 3 Jun 2010
Blackmail in Brooklyn by ProgZmax
Screenshot 1 of Blackmail in Brooklyn
Created for OROW 3 in just four days, Blackmail in Brooklyn tells the tale of four aging heroes who have come to save Brooklyn from the terror of Slash and his gang of thugs: Pelvis (a parody of Elvis Presley), Bruise (Bruce Lee), Nunchuk (Chuck Norris), and Master T (Mr. T). The game plays in a traditional, River City Ransom inspired side scrolling action format, where you can punch, kick, jump,...

Released: 4 Jan 2007
Screenshot 1 of Wooly Rockbottom and the Quest for the Golden Beard of Thor!
Wooly Rockbottom has a problem. He's a beardless Dwarf, cursed to be made fun of by the people of Glenfurdan. After learning of the legend of Thor's magical beard, Wooly decides he must have it, but before he can leave he must choose a companion: Fenwick the Flighty or Bram the Bold. The game puzzles involve actually inventing objects to solve problems, so be prepared to do more than just ...

Released: 13 Jan 2007
Dance 'Til You Drop! by ProgZmax
Screenshot 1 of Dance 'Til You Drop!
Jump into the soft dancin' shoes of that paragon of dance aerobics workouts, Richard Simmons! Trouble abounds for our plucky hero whe he discovers his money is running out and his plans for building a theme park for needy kids is in danger! Become Richard Simmons and make Dance Til' You Drop a success! Be aware that there are two versions. Version 1 available on the first link is the midi on...

Released: 24 Oct 2005
Screenshot 1 of Limey Lizard: Waste Wizard!
In deep space, one waste-processing employee stands above the rest: Limey Lizard, an incredibly lazy but lovable bloke who always seems to find himself in trouble. In episode 72, this is no exception, and if he doesn't fix the waste disposers the ship'll be flooded with filth, so get out your spanner and your chemically-resistant overalls -- it's gonna be a mucky ride! NOTE: The main link is...

Released: 1 Nov 2008
Mind's Eye by ProgZmax
Screenshot 1 of Mind's Eye
Your name is Noah, at least that's what you are told. You awaken in a dank padded cell with no memories of your past and no idea why you are in a sanitarium. Your only desire is to reclaim your memories and find out who you really are, but some things may be better left hidden. The soundtrack is now available at the link below! http://www.custardsclutter.com/filethingy/upload/Minds_Eye_Sound...

Released: 22 Nov 2005

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